Oyster hydro-electric wave energy device

by Edwin

The world is your oyster, or so the saying goes. Well, soon the Oyster might help save the world, especially when it comes in the form of a hydro-electric wave energy device and not an edible one. Being the largest working hydro-electric wave energy device in the world, the Oyster has just been officially launched in Scotland, having been stationed at the European Marine Energy Center (EMEC) Billia Croo site …

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Water-Powered Can Clock

by Ally


If you have an area that you could really use just a normal clock, you might as well make it an eco-friendly one.  Sure, you could just hang a battery powered wall clock just as easily, but then you’re stuck buying batteries.  With this all you have to do is remember to refill it with water and thankfully you don’t even have to do that very often.  These clocks would …

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Fuel Cell X7 Car Experiment Kit

by Ally


If you’d like to teach your kids a bit more about fuel cells, this experimental kit is a great way to do just that.  They’d get to learn by assembling a car, then after it’s all put together they’ll have another toy car around to play with.  Plus they will get the joy of knowing that the toy they enjoy so much is something they made themselves.  Adults could try …

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SunnyBAG Business Pro Laptop Bag

by Ally


If you’re thinking of attempting to use solar power more often, here’s a bag that’ll store your gadgets and even keep them charged.  It’s large enough that it’ll work great for your day to day needs, while giving the convenience of having the ability to charge your cellphone no matter where you’re at.  Plus you’ll get to show off to the world that you’re taking an eco-friendly stance.

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Old Light Bulbs Made Into Oil Lamp

by Ally


Slowly people are starting to use light bulbs that are actually eco-friendly, so the old bulbs are becoming a thing of the past.  Sure, some of us still buy the old bulbs when we can’t afford to spend quite as much on a light bulb, but little by little they’re getting used less.  Well instead of just forgetting about those classic bulbs altogether, you can pick up one of these …

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Inflatable Chimney Balloon Saves Energy

by James

The Inflatable Chimney Pillow blocks cold drafts from coming down the chimney

I really love it when people use out of the box thinking to save the planet. You don’t really need to create draconian laws or appeal to people’s fears by creating crisis after crisis. All one needs to do is appeal to everyone’s number one barometer … their pocketbook. And when it comes to conserving energy in the home, The Inflatable Chimney Pillow may do just that.

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BigShot Camera lets you handle assembly

by Ally


It used to be you heard about electronic and mechanical geniuses getting their start through tearing apart any gadget or motor they can get their hands on.  Purely to see what made it tick and if they could perhaps get the whole mess back together again.  Sadly, today’s kids get a little bit jipped in that department.  A lot of electronics once taken apart have a void warranty and on …

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Solar Speed Boat Electronics Kit

by Ally


As kids most of us enjoyed building things.  Even if it was just a sand castle or a Lego themed item that really didn’t do anything but sit there, it was still awesome.  For a kid to be able to build something that actually moves would be a whole lot more fun.  Especially if it’s a speed boat that they get to play with at the local pool or even …

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