Battery Eater

by Edwin

So you’re a big fan of making sure the world remains pristine and green (or whatever there is left at the moment, of course) for your kids while you pass on – so apart from making sure you have a solar-powered heater installed in your home with a Toyota Prius parked in your garage, how about the Battery Eater? “A what?!?”, you ask? Why, a Battery Eater – making sure …

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Go green instantly with Woolly Pockets

by Edwin


Everyone seems to be on a crusade these days to go green, and it makes sense anyways – after all, there really isn’t much of the earth’s ecosystem left that remains in a pristine and untouched condition. Why not take up the responsibility and help nature maintain her lushness for the next generation? Woolly Pocket Gardening Company’s mission aims to green the earth one household at a time by making …

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Wind power and e-vehicles to combat climate change

by Edwin


Most of the world’s eyes are fixed upon the leaders who will congregate at Copenhagen, Denmark from next week onwards with regard to the climate and its change, but while the world leaders are busy discussing on a macro level on methods to save the earth from dying due to over-population and pollution, the working class (that’s us!) need not sit back and do nothing. No sir, we can do …

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Thermeleon roof tiles could be a game changer

by Edwin


Basically everyone from presidents to prime ministers and the working man on the street are concerned about the environment these days, and it comes across as no surprise. After all, you can’t just pack everyone off into space once the earth becomes inhospitable, can you? With concern for dwindling green lungs, exotic wildlife that supports our fragile ecosystem and melting polar ice caps, it comes across as no surprise that …

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Efergy Shower Timer lets you know amount of water used

by Ally


If you’re one of the many worried about water conservation, this timer does more than just calculate your time in the shower.  Instead, you can run a quick test with it in your shower and know exactly how long it takes for your shower to go through one litre of water.  Then after you have that knowledge you can decide how long you want to be in the shower.

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Eko Stoplight gives countdown on red light

by Ally


No one enjoys sitting at a stoplight.  As you sit there you get to contemplate all kinds of things.  Like wondering how much of your life has been wasted waiting on stoplights.  Then you notice you’ve been sitting there a good long while and begin to wonder if the light will ever change.  Then comes the agitation and impatience.  Well instead of wondering how long you’ll be at that ridiculous …

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Oyster hydro-electric wave energy device

by Edwin


The world is your oyster, or so the saying goes. Well, soon the Oyster might help save the world, especially when it comes in the form of a hydro-electric wave energy device and not an edible one. Being the largest working hydro-electric wave energy device in the world, the Oyster has just been officially launched in Scotland, having been stationed at the European Marine Energy Center (EMEC) Billia Croo site …

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Water-Powered Can Clock

by Ally


If you have an area that you could really use just a normal clock, you might as well make it an eco-friendly one.  Sure, you could just hang a battery powered wall clock just as easily, but then you’re stuck buying batteries.  With this all you have to do is remember to refill it with water and thankfully you don’t even have to do that very often.  These clocks would …

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