iGo Power Smart Wall

by Mark R

I had a chance to visit iGo’s meeting room at CES last week, and they promised me a product that could help me get rid of the “Vampire Power”. Even though I’m not a Twilight fan, they had me at the word Vampire. iGo explained to me that devices that are turned off and plugged into the wall still consume power. This is the Vampire Power that they were talking …

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Innergie mCube Mini

by Mark R


I believe that the basic mission statements of the Innergie company is “Power Your Life” and “Charge Everything Everywhere”. This company realizes that, as a society, we live in a world full of mobile devices that we really need (and I mean, need) to keep charged. They have launched a series of products devoted to this need, and one of them is the mCube Mini, which is the World’s Smallest …

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Sanyo eneloop music booster announced

by Edwin


We’ve seen Sanyo with their electric bicycles at Vegas last week, and everyone by now ought to know about the Japanese company’s range of eneloop batteries. Well, guess what? There is a new device that falls under the eneloop brand – the eneloop music booster. This is basically a rechargeable DC 9V battery unit that will target digital audio players and other music devices, making it the latest addition to …

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Canon X Mark I is green

by Edwin


Just how green is the Canon X Mark I calculator? Well, for starters, it looks very Apple-sque, and is made up from recycled PowerShot lenses – at least where the glass elements are concerned. At $30 a pop, this makes for a very expensive calculator compared to those Made-in-China staples that tend to break down when you need it the most. Well you can tell that plenty of love has …

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The Solar Powered Dragonfly Kit

by Ally


Lawn ornaments are still found in a great deal of yards, yet slowly they’re changing.  It used to be you could watch them change as soon as there was a strong breeze.  However, instead of these dragonflies flapping their wings with the wind, they are powered by the sun.  Thankfully, they do still keep their power source eco-friendly, but in a slightly more hi-tech way.

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Go green with Huntkey 90W Energy Star Universal Notebook Adapter

by Edwin


Going green has been the mantra where consumer electronics and transportation are concerned for a fair number of years already, and we have good reason to be worried about the condition of our earth when we pass on – do we make sure that our kids are able to live in a clean environment, or must they wear gas masks with oxygen tanks each time they head outdoors? The choice …

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New Year’s Eve on Times Square is Pedal Powered

by Mark R


If you are in New York for the big celebration on New Year’s Eve, maybe you want to brave the crowds and traffic and be there when the giant ball drops and the big “2010” numbers light up. I’m sure all of you realize that energy isn’t free, and that the power for those big numbers costs a whole lot. However, if they are powered by a renewable energy resource, …

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Implantable solar cells the way of the future

by Edwin


Solar energy seems to be the way to go regardless of where you stay (we’re talking about populated areas and not some of those tribal peoples who live in extreme cold conditions, introduced to us through National Geographic), as it is free, environmentally friendly and capable of keeping your devices juiced up no matter what, albeit requiring far longer than usual compared to a regular power outlet. There is a …

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