Wind Up Hearts Radio

by Ally

If there were ever an ultimate geeky gift for your eco-loving Valentine, then this is it.  Not only does it feature big pretty hearts, but it comes in a very sappy color combination as well.  Plus it offers you an endless supply of sweet music without every having to swap out any batteries.  All you have to do is wind it up several times and it’ll keep the music going.

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Programmable Digital Timing Timer & AC Plug Socket White

by Edwin


Everyone wants to save money these days (and has been since time immemorial), since hoarding riches tend to give us a false sense of security. Well, for those who want to make sure that they spend as little on energy as possible, how about getting a programmable timer for your home? That’s what the Programmable Digital Timing Timer & AC Plug Socket White offers, featuring 20 different schedules of On/Off …

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Switcle turns off the outlet

by Ally


We’ve all heard that we need to unplug our electronics entirely instead of just turning them off.  That way all of those small lights on your devices are completely off as well.  Of course even knowing that information, sometimes you just forget.  Then on top of it that means later on you have plugs lying on the floor to plug back into the wall.  Instead of that mess you could …

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Babyliss Eco Hair Dryer uses half the energy

by Ally


When choosing a hair dryer, most women are looking at what it’s going to do to their hair.  All of the fancy inserts that make it possible to give hair shine and a better style.  One of the things people don’t always think of is how good or bad the hair dryer is for the environment.  This pretty white hair dryer may not have state of the art items to …

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Solar Charging 1-LED Torch

by Ally


If you’re tired of dealing with batteries, then this would be one less gadget you’d need to purchase batteries to use.  Although it won’t make everything you own magically convert to non-battery gadgets, it does take a little bit of the stress out of your life.  Just put this flashlight in a spot that it can catch some sun and it’ll be ready to go whenever it’s needed.

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Barbecue Hand Crank Fire Air Blower BBQ Accessory

by Edwin


Going green is fine and dandy, but don’t you think that the Barbecue Hand Crank Fire Air Blower BBQ Accessory is taking things a bit too far? After all, you would already be sweating while making sure everyone has their fair share of steak and BBQ meat, so to provide more hand cranked power to this BBQ Air Blower just, well, blows. On the other hand, at least you continue …

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iGo Power Smart Wall

by Mark R


I had a chance to visit iGo’s meeting room at CES last week, and they promised me a product that could help me get rid of the “Vampire Power”. Even though I’m not a Twilight fan, they had me at the word Vampire. iGo explained to me that devices that are turned off and plugged into the wall still consume power. This is the Vampire Power that they were talking …

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Innergie mCube Mini

by Mark R


I believe that the basic mission statements of the Innergie company is “Power Your Life” and “Charge Everything Everywhere”. This company realizes that, as a society, we live in a world full of mobile devices that we really need (and I mean, need) to keep charged. They have launched a series of products devoted to this need, and one of them is the mCube Mini, which is the World’s Smallest …

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