Parasia Admetior Solar Window Thermometer

by Ally

I swear I’ve been on the thermometer patrol.  I’ve been casually searching for one for a while now, but just haven’t found that one that pulls me in.  My needs are basic, covering the usual basics like affordability and a battery-free design.  Well this one does just that, it’s not like the big weather stations that can predict the weather all day long.  It just keeps you posted on the …

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Solar Power Charger Case works with your small gadgets

by Ally


Solar chargers to carry around in addition to your gadgets are pretty common.  However, this one doesn’t give you something extra to carry.  Instead it holds onto your gadget of choice for you and keeps it protected.  All the while giving it some juice directly from the solar panel that’s attached to the front of the case.  You could use it for emergency situations only or use it on a …

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Sharp unveils solar-powered mobile

by Edwin


There is nothing more frustrating that talking on the phone only to have the line cut off simply because you ran out of juice. Sharp hopes to change that by offering an alternative method to keep your cellphone juiced up at all times, thanks to the Sharp SH6230C which will hit the Chinese market later this February. It is the first solar-powered cellphone by Sharp for the overseas market, boasting …

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From paper shreds to toilet paper

by Mark R


Now this is a machine that I just had to report about. A company known as Oriental (yes, it is an Asian company) has created a machine that is very appropriate for offices called the White Goat. Yes, I would have gave it a nicer name, but honestly, White Goat is probably the most descriptive name for a machine that can turn shredded paper into toilet paper. I am being …

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Eco-friendly Calorie Cycle Speedometer

by Edwin


Check out this Eco-friendly Calorie Cycle Speedometer which allows you to measure everywhere you go when you’re on your bicycle. It is capable of notching down important details such as the speed, distance, trip time, wheel rotation frequency as well as the number of calories burnt, helping you hit your physical fitness goals much faster than expected. It comes with a built-in clock that displays the time in both 12- …

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The Solar Powered Bottle Boat Kit

by Ally


Although you probably couldn’t pay me to go near water as cold as it is outside, eventually it will warm up again.  At least I’m pretty sure it will.  Once that happens you might want to pick up one of these Solar Bottle Boat Kits to give you something to do while you’re near some water in the middle of the summer.  It’ll give you something to play with, plus …

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LightCap 300 Solar Powered Lantern & Water Bottle

by Edwin


Who would have thought that something as ordinary as a drinking bottle could also harness the power of the sun with a strategically placed solar panel, where this converted energy can then be used to power its built-in lantern? The LightCap 300 Solar Powered Lantern & Water Bottle does exactly just that, retailing for a mere $29.99 while featuring a quartet of extremely bright white LEDs without weighing you down …

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Solar Powered Bird Repeller

by Edwin


Having birds in the garden might be something folks want as their general chirpiness is perfect to perk up your day, but it comes with a downside – they tend to poop all over the place, and their number one target would be your newly washed car. Instead of getting a cat, why not settle for the Solar Powered Bird Repeller? Keep unwanted birds off your patio, pool area, A/C …

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