PUMA phone finally unveiled

by Edwin

PUMA and Sagem Wireless have come together in an unlikely alliance, offering what they call the PUMA phone which will arrive in selected markets come this April 2010. This unveiling was done at this year’s Mobile World Congress, where it is touted to be really different from all of the other handsets. At first glance, this looks like some sort of Neonode and HTC hybrid in terms of form factor, …

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Current Regulating Fuel Efficiency Booster

by Edwin

It looks like the price of black gold is going up yet again, although it isn’t that near the dizzy heights that we experienced a couple of years ago when we paid more than four bucks per gallon in certain places. If you can’t afford a hybrid vehicle to maximize your fuel usage, how about considering the Current Regulating Fuel Efficiency Booster? It would be interesting to see what the …

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Siemens Zeolith dishwasher saves energy

by Mark R

Take a look at this dishwasher. It certainly is better looking than any dishwasher that I have seen in any house, as it has a beautiful transparent aesthetic quality about it. Yet there is more to this dishwasher than just its looks. In fact, if the Siemens Zeolith dishwasher was the ugliest in the world, I would still want it. The Zeolith has a design that allows it to recycle …

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IllumiCharger gives USB power via wall outlet

by Edwin

The IllumiCharger is a light-powered USB wall outlet, where one is able to juice up their USB devices without forking out an additional cent – apart from the initial investment, of course. This device will collect and store energy from interior lighting, offering free charging power to USB devices in the same way that solar-powered classroom calculators work. Sounds like a practical idea, but just how many hours of lighting …

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Gyre Floating City for inhabiting the oceans

by Mark R

Come on, it’s Friday, and you know that you read tech blogs so you can dream about technology like this. This Gyre (that’s what it’s called, but I don’t know how to pronounce it) is one of those concept drawings that will probably never be made into reality. But if the world really is getting as overpopulated at some people are saying, then we will have to live in the …

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Rocco, a rocking horse that can generate power

by Mark R

First there was the Playpump, then there was the sOccket Ball, and now there is another way to harness all that unlimited energy that young children have. Designers Aaron Tsui, Irina Kozlovskaya, Jasen Mehta, and Sergio Silva have created Rocco, the energy pal, a rocking horse designed to use the kinetic energy from rocking back and forth, presumably not gently. When the internal battery on Rocco is full charged, its …

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Power generating dog leash

by Edwin


Dog owners know just how important it is to walk their dogs in order to burn off all the pent up mental energy, so why not take a greener approach with the Power Generating Dog Leash? This unique device even comes with a storage space that can hold doggy poop bags, alongside a trio of LEDs if night walking is your thing. There are no batteries involved – all you …

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PrePeat Printer uses no ink nor paper

by Edwin

Want to take the truly paperless route in your home and office? Why, the PrePeat Printer could be just the thing for you. After all, it uses a new kind of technology which actually achieves “printouts” without using either ink or paper, thanks to a heat sensitive plastic sheet alongside a precision thermal head that “prints” out both gray scale text and images. The paper which it is printed on …

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