Switch Me Uses Pain To Change Your Ways

by Ally

Sometimes it’s just tough remembering to be careful about all of your energy consumption.  There are those that are naturally great at it, but unfortunately we’re just not all that way.  Well if you’d like to force yourself to change your ways, then this is one way to do it.  If nothing else you’ll start to think about it when you turn on your lights.  Either that or you’ll learn …

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Solar Powered Window Alarm

by Ally

I’m always all about any gadget that can function well, while being powered by nothing more than the sun.  It cuts down on batteries and it’s basically the lazy man’s way of being eco-friendly.  In that you really don’t have to put in a whole lot of effort and you’re managing to at least help to not make the earth any worse than its current state.  That being said, I’m …

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Solar Racer Kit

by Ally

There are few better ways to spend an afternoon than building your own miniature racer and then getting to test it out.  It’s even better since this little car runs on the power of the sun, which means you won’t have to worry about switching out batteries constantly.  It’d be a great project to do with kids or just for yourself.  Just make sure that the kids are age 8 …

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Greenlight Bikes offers e-bikes

by Edwin

There are many ways and methods to consider if you love going green in your lifestyle, so where do you start? For most of us, it would probably involve considering a greener mode of transportation, and that can be achieved changing to a smaller capacity vehicle or even using public transport always, with a bicycle to help get you around. What happens when you live in hilly areas like San …

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Landport Solar-Powered Speakers

by Ally

Apparently these oddly shaped speakers are Japan’s very first set of active speakers that are solar-powered.  These look more like a cryptic scroll than a set of speakers, but they are speakers.  They’re also speakers that will help you become just a little more eco-friendly.  After all, every little bit helps.  These flat speakers are shaped just right to give you the sound you need and suck up all the …

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Philips Sustainable City Lights concept project

by Mark R

What you are seeing here is the Sustainable City Lights concept project from our friends at Philips. Yes, Philips has given us many terrific products in the past few decades, and I cannot help think that this one seems really obvious. You see, our streets just have to be lit at night, right? Of course, these streetlights have to be powered by something, so why not the power of the …

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Solar-powered shower from Arkema

by Mark R

In all honesty, if you were going to show me this shower, I would probably still report on it based on its looks alone. I don’t even care if it worked, just look at it! It’s just some sort of curvy tower that is just plain sexy. But better than that, it is solar powered! Now you can enjoy a long, hot shower in the sunshine with this eco-friendly powered …

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Bloom Box can save a lot of money on energy

by Mark R

Everybody wants affordable energy without any hazardous emissions, and there have always been some company working on things like cold fusion or other things that seem like pipe dreams. Pipe dreams until someone actually perfects it. I’m not certain how close Bloom Energy is to creating that awesome energy, but their Bloom Box certainly comes close. Bloom Box just recently got some spotlight from the long-running news show 60 Minutes. …

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