Starburst Recycled Boombox

by Ally

For those of you that are eco-conscious with a serious sweet tooth, then this is the set of speakers for you.  It’s a boombox made out of an old Starburst box, giving you a constant reminder of your candy cravings.  I suppose that might be considered a good thing for those trying to curb their cravings, but if you don’t mind them then you’ll be just fine.  In addition to …

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Wind Up Socket Concept Timer

by Mark R

Here is an interesting concept that allows the user to save energy, the easy way. Think of it as a power strip made up of egg timers. Even if you’re too young to know what an egg timer is, you can still figure out how to use it. Just turn it to the proper setting, and it will tick down until the bell goes off. It’s technology that has been …

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Solar Surge for iPhone 3G and 3GS

by Edwin

You know that the iPhone is one power guzzler, and that having an important call die on you is downright irritating, perhaps even leading up to you losing out on that business deal. Well, Novothink’s got your back with their very own iPhone case which is compatible with the iPhone 3G as well as iPhone 3GS models, since it boasts a solar panel on the back that will help juice …

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OrigAudio Self-Powered Speakers

by Ally

Buying a speaker, you have to decide what’s important to you.  There are so many available you can pretty much be as picky as you like.  Well these small square speakers are eco-friendly and you can either choose one of the ones already available or have one customized.  They’re a simple set of speakers, but they’re more than enough to make sure that your music stays up and going.

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The Water-Scraper: I would live on it without a huge eco-disaster

by Mark R

In case you don’t want to live in this Gyre Floating city, you might want to live in this building here, which has been known as “waterscraper” or “seascraper”. I believe that the formal name is the hO2+ scraper. It is an attempt at making a skyscraper underwater, but I think we can emphasize the word “scrape”. After all, those weird tentacles that come out of this structure look like …

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Waterpebble tracks water used

by Ally

I’m one of the many who’s a bit notorious for just letting too much water go down the drain.  It’s not that I mean to, it’s just when I’m half awake in the morning, I’m not that worried about water consumption.  If you’re not ready for a device that just shuts off the water when you’ve used too much, then this Waterpebble is a nice happy medium.  Instead it goes …

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Ambientech SolarFan and SolarFold

by Ally

Solar panels being used as back up chargers are nothing new.  However, there are still a great deal of us that don’t have one.  Be it due to lack of funds, not enough justification or even just not finding a design that fits your life.  If you’re still just looking around to find that right fit for your gadget addiction, here are two more solar chargers from Ambientech.  There is …

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Antro unveils new Solo electric hybrid prototype

by Edwin

Maintaining a really huge army could prove to be extremely expensive, as the US found out the hard way. Not only do you have to spend a whole lot of your GDP percentage each year to bolster your defences, there is the issue of making sure the army has enough oil, or black gold, to keep its machineries working and combat-ready at all times. Well, how does that affect ordinary …

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