EcoCHARGE wall charger unleashed

by Edwin

Many of us do leave our mobile wall device chargers plugged in round the clock, and even though you don’t have any device connected to that particular charger and the power switch is turned off, said charger will still consume electricity – that is what a study by Ventev Innovations has concluded. This manufacturer of wireless accessories aim to transform ordinary products into extraordinary innovations, and in the never ending …

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Self-sustaining blimps could be our future

by Mark R

I once did some research on the invention of airships, and I was always disappointed that we didn’t end up living in an age where dirigibles fly around in our skies like giant birds. It would appear that this concept high-altitude reconnaissance and surveillance platform known as ISIS (Integrated Sensor Is the Structure), could herald in that age. Yes, this blimp is designed for combat zones, or at least hovering …

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Solar Powered Fountain

by Edwin

Since most of us would get a healthy amount of sunlight each day, harnessing the power of the sun’s rays makes perfect sense as it helps keep the environment clean without any additional emissions to further burden our ozone layer. Since having a fountain is always something soothing and nice to have in any home, why not make it run on clean juice – like this Solar Powered Fountain? Setting …

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E300 Razor Electric Scooter

by Edwin

Going around in a scooter can be pretty fun, but why not do so while being environmentally friendly? The E300 Razor Electric Scooter will help your daily commute without having to have a tinge of regret, where it has a larger deck, frame and tires for older teens and adult riders, traveling up to 15 miles per hour to make this the speediest Razor electroc scooter yet. Since it runs …

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Casio unveils Pathfinder PAG110C-3 timepiece

by Edwin

Casio has been in the timepiece business for quite a fair number of years already, and most of us would have fond memories of a digital watch from Casio, although these days it seems to be imported from China instead of its spiritual home, Japan. Ah well, their range of G-Shock watches are also a cause to celebrate, since those are some tough devices which can withstand the rigors of …

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Mr. Klein Washing Machine reuses water

by Ally

For those of you that are big clean freaks, you might not entirely like this concept.  I’m not even obsessive about germs and dirt, but this still doesn’t entirely sit well with me.  Most washing machines wash your clothing and then send the dirty water down the drain.  As far as the green aspect goes, that’s a huge waste of water and therefore a bit of a bad thing.  This …

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Solar Roadways prototype now built

by Edwin

Solar Roadways received a $100,000 grant by the Department of Transportation last year, and it is good to see all that money put to good use with a spanking new solar-powered road prototype. Currently, Solar Roadways is in the running for an award as a finalist (“Most Promising Renewable Energy Award”), and initial tests have shown that their pedestrian warning system with a couple of small kids worked like a …

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Strata Building can make its own energy

by Mark R

I believe that the ultimate goal of environmentalists is to have all of our buildings be completely independent from “the grid”. In other words, through the use of sustainable resources, buildings will have all the power they need without the power company. This building, known as the Strata Building, is one step in the right direction. The Strata, also known as the Razor, has three giant turbines on its 42nd …

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