Solar-Powered Dress

by Ally

Gadgets seem to slowly be making their way into the fashion world.  Sure, they aren’t really something you see everyday out on the sidewalk, but they are starting to be created a little more.  I’m still not sure that I want an electronic dress, but it would be another way to make sure all of your small gadgets stay charged.  Whether or not something like this would ever catch on …

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OLED Wallpaper creates an interesting lighting effect

by Mark R

I realize that this still shot here looks like it was taken from a music video, but it is to demonstrate the power of OLED wallpaper. OLED wallpaper is something that LOMOX is working on, and the OLED lighting is designed for providing ambient lighting to any room. I’m guessing that it can be put on a low-light setting for the day, and high in the day. It better be …

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Square Soda Can to reduce carbon footprint

by Mark R

I think we are all are trying to reduce our “carbon footprint”, even if we aren’t certain what that is. Who cares? It has something to do with saving the planet, which is always a good thing, isn’t it? I mean, that’s why you recycle your cans, right? Or at least you should be recycling your cans. Imagine if you were using square cans. That’s right, someone has come up …

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Powerplus Solar Remote Control

by Ally

There are just some gadgets that get neglected in the battery department.  Usually I’ll do as much as I possibly can to squeeze that last drop of power out of the batteries before I’ll go in search of more.  When you’re typically using a remote, you’re all settled into the couch to relax, which makes the idea of getting up to search for batteries rather unappealing.  Instead you could pick …

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Sphelar solar cells provide a transparent power generator on windows

by Mark R

What you are seeing here is the Sphelar solar cells. They are made by the Kyosemi Corporation, which debuted at the PV Expo 2010 in Tokyo. The purpose of the Sphelar solar cells is to improve on regular solar panels. You know how most solar cells are flat, and are at only one angle? That isn’t really an accurate way to collect the sun, but Sphelar solar cells are solidified …

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Solar Electric Shaver

by Ally

Those of you that have the strong tendency to shave on the go or away from electrical outlets, this shaver is able to go all sorts of places.  It’s powered by the sun, which means as far as this goes you could go through your grooming process in any location you choose.  Just make sure to leave it in a window to soak up a little sun while it’s not …

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EcoCHARGE wall charger unleashed

by Edwin

Many of us do leave our mobile wall device chargers plugged in round the clock, and even though you don’t have any device connected to that particular charger and the power switch is turned off, said charger will still consume electricity – that is what a study by Ventev Innovations has concluded. This manufacturer of wireless accessories aim to transform ordinary products into extraordinary innovations, and in the never ending …

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Self-sustaining blimps could be our future

by Mark R

I once did some research on the invention of airships, and I was always disappointed that we didn’t end up living in an age where dirigibles fly around in our skies like giant birds. It would appear that this concept high-altitude reconnaissance and surveillance platform known as ISIS (Integrated Sensor Is the Structure), could herald in that age. Yes, this blimp is designed for combat zones, or at least hovering …

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