GE WattStation EV Charger works fast

by Ally

These attractive little gadgets look a little mysterious.  They don’t appear to be anything more than a charging dock or a colorful toothbrush sanitizer.  With all of that color it never occurred to me that these were actually meant  to take care of your electric car.  Not only do these have good looks, but they can charge much faster than the standard stations out there right now.

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Clip On Mosquito Repeller

by Edwin

Going out for camping can be fun, but you can bet your bottom dollar that mosquitoes will be part of the equation, so it makes perfect sense to protect yourself from those irritating bites as you would much rather donate your blood to those who need it instead of feeding off the current generation of mosquitoes so that they can multiply even more and bite you and your kids all …

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DIY Water Powered Calculator

by Ally

Instead of purchasing an eco-friendly water powered calculator and tossing out your old one, only for it to slowly rot in a landfill, you could make your own.  It seems to be a whole lot more eco-friendly to convert your current items into something eco-friendly rather than replacing the gadgets you already own.  Thanks to a tutorial, you could easily make your own earth friendly calculator.

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Breville Hot Cup saves on energy

by Ally

Recently I wrote up a Philips Kettle that promised to save energy and give you a hot cup of water fast.  However, I have to say after looking over the Breville Hot Cup, I like it a whole lot better.  Granted my reasons may seem a little silly, but I imagine it’ll appeal to a great deal of others.  This device boils just as fast, saving you energy, but you …

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Solar Powered plane stays airborne for 26 hours

by Mark R

Some of you might remember when we first brought up the Solar Impulse and how it succeeded in making an 87-minute long flight at 5,000 feet. I’ve just learned that the Solar Impulse has completed a 26-hour flight, and it reached an altitude of 28,543 feet. I believe that I reported a few months ago that they were hoping for a 36 hour flight as part of their next stop, …

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Can our roads help make the world greener?

by Edwin

The next time you go out for a drive, take a closer look at the road which your vehicle is traveling on. Just how do you think it will be able to help turn the surroundings into a less polluted environment? Well, we do know that carbon emissions from vehicles is a big issue these days, not to mention a slew of other airborne nasties that spew from the tailpipes …

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Philips Energy Efficient Kettle

by Ally

When it comes to cutting back on the amount of energy you use, it’s a game of cutting small corners in every area.  If you boil water for your tea, this Philips Kettle is yet another corner you can cut.  It makes the art of boiling water a whole lot more precise and therefore cutting back on the amount of energy you use while boiling.

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Zeroracer electric powered vehicle set to blaze new trails

by Edwin

Just what is the Zero Race, you ask? Well, this is a unique event that will see contestants attempt to make a dash around the globe within 80 days without an iota of emission – we’re talking about zero emission here, and that is achievable only using purebred electric powered vehicles. In this unique event, one of the most distinctive entries would be the Zerotracer. It was speically designed by …

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