Water Pebble hopes to shorten your shower time

by Edwin

The earth might be covered in 70% of water, but that doesn’t mean we still have many clean water sources left for the future. In fact, the rapid pace of unchecked industrialization has spoilt many pockets of nature over the years, so you might want to do your best to help preserve water for the future. One of the ways to do so would be to spend less time in …

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Evatran Plugless Power Station for Wireless Electric Car Charging

by Mark R

Considering that there will probably be an increase of electric vehicles on the road in the next few years, it’s nice to see that the Evatran Plugless Power Station is already thinking of ways to improve the charging process for these electric cars. It works with the user installing a shoebox-sized adapter in the car, which works as a wireless power receiver. The car with this apparatus gets near this …

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The Tenerife bioclimatic holiday village

by Mark R

The first time I saw this picture, I thought I was looking at the entrance to the Vivos underground shelter. These are actually dwellings for the “first bioclimatic holiday village in the world”. I have to admit that I never heard that this term until I read my source, but here is what it means. These are self-sufficient houses that are “built in individual designs utilizing different technologies, where it …

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Treehouse in Sweeden is nearly invisible

by Mark R

This is the Tree Hotel, designed by Swedish architects Tham and Videgard. As you can see, it is nearly invisible as it is a box made of mirrors. It was once a concept that others mocked, saying it was “computer-generated eye candy, impossible to build, and death for birds”. There is apparently a special film that is visible to birds and applied to the glass. As you might have guessed, …

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Mac Keyboard turned into USB drive

by Ally

The serious Mac fans out there can’t help but show their fanboy side just every now and then.  Well if you are one of those fans then you might enjoy this USB drive.  Especially since carrying around this drive means you’ve rescued a little bit of plastic from making it to the nearest landfill.  It never hurts to be just a little extra eco-friendly from time to time.

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Wild Grass LED Lights

by Ally

If you’re looking for something a little different as far as solar lights go you could pick up these Wild Grass Solar Garden Lights.  You can jam the stakes into the ground and make it appear as if you have random tufts of grass glowing in the dark.  If you have any extra gullible friends you could always convince them that the grass is a special variety that glows every …

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GE WattStation EV Charger works fast

by Ally

These attractive little gadgets look a little mysterious.  They don’t appear to be anything more than a charging dock or a colorful toothbrush sanitizer.  With all of that color it never occurred to me that these were actually meant  to take care of your electric car.  Not only do these have good looks, but they can charge much faster than the standard stations out there right now.

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Clip On Mosquito Repeller

by Edwin

Going out for camping can be fun, but you can bet your bottom dollar that mosquitoes will be part of the equation, so it makes perfect sense to protect yourself from those irritating bites as you would much rather donate your blood to those who need it instead of feeding off the current generation of mosquitoes so that they can multiply even more and bite you and your kids all …

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