Renewable Energy Racers Set

by Edwin

Have a heart for the environment and want to go green with your gadget purchases? Then you might want to seriously consider the Renewable Energy Racers Set the next time you want to give a gift to your kids or grandchildren. These remote controlled racecars will be powered by three different renewable energy sources, where you can choose from a miniature windmill, a solar panel, and a hydrogen fuel cell. …

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Dog Poop Powered Park Lamp

by Ally

Lamps in parks need something to keep them powered and that means the city is taking care of that bill and burning up precious energy all so you can have a midnight stroll.  Well now your freeloading pooch can do its part to make your park a little more environmentally friendly.  The Park Spark is a system that uses your dog poop to power the lights in the park.

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Cri-Cri, small solar-powered plane

by Mark R

We have reported on a lot of solar-powered planes before. Like the Solar Impulse, which is capable of a 26 hour flight, then there is the Zephyr, which broke the record for solar-powered unmanned flight. This is the Cri-Cri, and it is a solar-powered plane that is really only designed for a quick flight. How quick? Try about 15 minutes.

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Plumen Designer Light Bulb

by Ally

I like how long compact fluorescent bulb last, but I’ve never really liked the look of them.  The convoluted coils can be pretty disorienting when you stare right into them, but what happens when you decide to throw a designer slant to the ordinary bulb? Apparently I’m not the only one to feel that way, because this bulb was created this way just for the looks.  Plumen 001 is the …

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Tree Planting Robot

by Mark R

Imagine living in a world where all the trees are slowly dying, and all animals must be replaced with robotic couterparts. This would be the giraffe. Actually, this particular robot is designed to prevent an environmental apocalypse. You see, this is a Tree Planting Robot, designed for reforestation projects. The Tree Planting Robot is good for carrying 320 seedlings, with each one in a biodegradable plastic protective barrier that protects …

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Petal Drops makes rainwater collecting more aesthetically pleasing

by Edwin

For those who have a penchant for living green, collecting rainwater should come as second nature, but why bother to do so with a rusty old bucket when you can always spruce things up with the Petal Drops? This idea is made out of 100% recycled flower-shaped funnels that can screw onto any standard threaded plastic bottle, helping channel water inside whenever it pours from heaven. After all, you might …

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Coupon Organizer/Calculator

by Edwin

We know that times are pretty trying economically these days, and it is perfectly understandable if you’ve decided to tighten your belt for your entire household, and roped in the missus to help out in the everyday accounts. What better way to let your hard earned dollar go the extra mile than with the help of coupons for offers in various department stores? The Coupon Organizer/Calculator is perfect if you …

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Geneco’s VW Beetle runs on human waste, insert scatalogical joke here

by Mark R

Sure, there is a trend in cars toward electrical and hydrogen fuels, but this one from Geneco runs on human waste. Yes, Geneco, a sustainable-energy company owned by Wessex Water, has presented us with a modified Volkswagen Beetle that runs on the compressed methane gas from human waste. I believe that my source calls this a Dung Beetle, and that seems to be the best joke that I could think …

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