Solar Window Light

by Ally

I usually keep a flashlight near the backdoor of my house, so it’s handy if I need it, but this Solar Window Light would be just as useful.  Instead of grabbing a normal flashlight when you need a little illumination, you could pull this light off of the window.  After hanging out on the window all day long it’ll have plenty of juice to keep you from tripping over random …

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Belkin Conserve SmartAV Power Strip

by Ally

Here’s another power strip that’s made to help you save some money on your energy bill.  Instead of allowing your home theater system to suck power even when it’s not being used, you could plug it into this Belkin power strip.  It’ll make sure that those items are not allowed to use up power when the TV is not on at that particular moment.

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HiSaver Energy Saving Powerbar

by Ally

We all know we really shouldn’t leave our electronics on as much as we do, but not all of us are that great at applying that knowledge to change old habits.  Truthfully, I’m not as good at it as I’d like to be and I know I’m not the only one.  These HiSaver Powerbars are perfect for the well meaning PC user that just hasn’t been able to kick those …

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Park Spark lights park lamps with dog waste

by Mark R

Remember when we reported on that Geneco VW Beetle that can run on human waste? Yes, there were a lot of great jokes made on that one, the best ones in your comments. This one particular project also sounds like a joke, but it is an experiment by conceptual artist Matthew Mazzotta. This is a way of powering lamps at parks by one thing that parks have way too much …

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Energysport Charges Gadgets While You Ride Your Bicycle

by Ally

When you commute everyday using a car, you can easily charge up your device along the way.  However, riding a bike you might run into some snags in that area.  You don’t exactly have those handy little areas to plug your small gadgets in with.  This concept design is one that triest to change that by forcing your bike to generate a bit of juice as you go.

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Poor Little Goldfish Sink

by Mark R

This particular gadget illustrates how important it is to conserve water. When you are using this sink to wash your hands, the fish loses its real estate if you take too much time. Yes, the water level in the fish bowl will actually go down if you are scrubbing your hands too long. In case you are wondering, there are safety features so the fish won’t have all of its …

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P&P Office Waste Paper Processor turns paper into pencils

by Mark R

Some of you might remember when we reported on the paper shredder that can turn ordinary office paper into toilet paper. It certainly seems an economical and ecological use of used paper, and the P&P Office Waste Paper Processor does something similar. This particular device turns paper into something that offices will always need: pencils. That is what the P&P means, I suppose: paper to pencil. In case you are …

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Poor Little Fish Sink

by Ally

Visualization is always a handy way to teach new concepts and get people to reconsider their habits, which is the idea behind this Poor Little Fish Sink.  As you take longer and longer to wash those hands, the fish water appears to get lower and lower.  It’ll be a big reminder to shut off that water before it causes any harm.  However, thankfully the fish is never actually in danger …

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