Sanyo readies new generation of eneloops

by Edwin

Anyone who has had experience with childrens’ toys that require batteries to run would be all too familiar with the name eneloop if they’re budget conscious and have a heart for the environment. Why? Sanyo’s eneloop batteries have long been the standard for rechargeables that are ready to rock the moment they’re unboxed, and can be recharged over and over again for umpteen years before you spend more money for …

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Nanoparticles can illuminate certain trees

by Mark R

And in other news, NASA has finally found life on other planets. Judging from our high-resolution photos, we can see that they have similar buildings and automobiles, but their trees glow red at night. Seriously, this is Earth. Specifically, it is Taiwan’s National Cheng Kung University, and it was recently discovered that adding gold nanoparticles to the leaves of this tree, known as Bacopa caroliniana, will cause the chlorophyll to …

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visCycle – Go Green, Get Lean

by Al

In San Diego there’s a gym, that in and of itself is nothing unusual, I’m sure San Diego has a bunch of gyms… but theres a place in particular called the Greenasium that is using a special stationary bike called the visCycle. Manufactured by Resource Fitness, the visCycle and other similarly capable machines generate electricity that is routed back into the power grid of the facility, offsetting some of the …

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Kaba Access Control delivers new self-powered electronic access control

by Edwin

Staying secure has always been big – can’t you tell from the past from all those medieval castles that have way too many ramparts and lookout points to make sure it can spot the enemy from far away to make provisions for defence before they arrive? Well, the same idea can be said to have trickled down to ordinary folk like you and I – just take a look at …

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nPower – Presenting yet another alternative energy source – YOU!

by Julie

I can’t even tell you the number of times my phone battery died at the precise moment I needed to receive an important call, or how many times my Ipod quit 10 minutes before the end of a movie I was watching. I know I am not alone in my frustration of finding a charger, or worse.. the search for an available electrical outlet. Forget about hiking or camping, okay, …

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Motherboard Pencil Cup

by Edwin

Geeks, it is about time you unite. After all, why not dress up your cubicle to reflect your interest? That’s what the Motherboard Pencil Cup is good for – it will use recycled parts from a motherboard that has been specially preserved to hold your pencils as well as other writing instruments. Retailing for $19.99 a pop, it will ensure your pencils are wrapped graphite in a copper, cadmium and …

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Solar Power Auto Cooler

by Ally

Although you can’t exactly switch your entire world of gadgets into solar-powered ones, you can certainly take care of the smaller gadgets.  Having some sort of a fan to keep you cool when you’re not in the mood for air conditioning requires you to use more power from your car.  However, if you picked up this Solar Power Auto Cooler you could easily handle taking some edge off of that …

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This Bioracer is fueled by wood pellets

by Mark R

This is the Bioracer from a Swedish Precer Group, and it uses biomass-based powerplants for getting vehicles in motion. It is unique as the vehicle runs on wood pellets, like a stove in a warm living room. The vehicle has a 16 horsepower electric motor which is powered by a “24 to 96 volt, 100 to 400 amp-hour battery pack”. That is just enough power for three hours, and every …

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