UNO III Streetbike

by Edwin

For many kids living in South East Asian countries, hitting their teens would often mean one thing – gaining the freedom and independence of movement through the use of motorcycles, and after that, moving on to cars when they’re of legal age to drive. Well, when they first start off on those two-wheelers, they’re certainly excited like all get out, and would do their best to modify and trick out …

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Electric Bicycle Built For Two

by Edwin

Electric bicycles aren’t anything new, but this one that you see here definitely is – we’re talking about an electric bicycle that has been specially built to seat not one, but two people. This is touted to be the only one of its kind to date, where it can assist both riders up to 20 mph in relaxed, relative comfort. Seems perfect if you have plenty of hills around your …

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Solar Pool Light

by Edwin

There is nothing quite like the use of solar power to make sure that there is still an earth around for the next generation to live in. After all, using fossil fuels for so long has clogged up our atmosphere, not to mention having countries go to war just to get a spoil of its natural resources. Solar power might not have an efficiency level that is agreeable to most …

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Agility Saietta R Bike

by Edwin

Electric vehicles seem to be all the rage these days, so you might be interested to ride into the sunset with the Agility Saietta R Bike – a cool looking two-wheeler that looks as though it comes from the future. Of course, the £13,570 price tag is not going to make it appealing to everybody at first glance, but hear me out as I list down what’s so great about …

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Billboard is powered by oranges

by Mark R

There is a popular science lesson that every high school physics or chemistry teacher must perform. It involves using foods to power a small light bulb, along with some nails and wire. Citrus fruits, for example, are acidic and their juice helps to conduct electricity. It would appear that if you had enough oranges, you could power something big, like a billboard. Fortunately, Tropicana has plenty of oranges, and what …

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Electric Comfort Bicycle

by Edwin

Cars might have gone electric to a certain degree, but that doesn’t mean other modes of transportation like the motorcycle and bicycle can’t either. This is where the Electric Comfort Bicycle makes a splash – it was specially designed to take its riders on extended tours in unequaled comfort. Using a 500-watt electric motor that will help you tackle tough uphills, it is also a joy to breeze downhill or …

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The Select Air System – Wireless Temperature Control, for Every Room

by Julie

I don’t know how it’s been for you guys this winter, but here in the New York area it has been brutal. Too much snow, and bitterly cold. The heat was on at our house 24/7 and I have the skin of an alligator to prove it, and the heating bill, well, let’s just say if we opt not to pay for my daughters college, we should be okay. But …

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WHIM architecture’s “Recycled Island” is made of garbage

by Mark R

This is the “Recycled Island”, designed by a Dutch architect named Ramon Knoester. His firm, Whim Architecture, is working on this island made of garbage with the help of a grant from the Netherlands Architecture Fund. The “Recycled Island” solves a lot of problems that the Earth is experiencing. As we have learned from the Superman movies, that land is something “that they ain’t making any more of”. Considering that …

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