Vieria Concept Car actually cleans the air

by Mark R

I think that we all know that nothing contributes to the growing problem of air pollution than the automobile. However, this Vieria concept car is not planning on being a contributor, but it will clean the air. The Vieria is described by my Source as a water purifier that “takes in dirty and dusty air, runs it through a filter beneath its passenger capsule and returns clean, fresh, breathable air”. …

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Going green sees new projects materializing

by Edwin

It goes without saying that in this day and age, going green is more or less mandatory if you or your company wants to win brownie points with people around. Sure, we have solar powered cell phones and electric cars as well as the slew of recycling programs that you participate in on an almost religious basis, but what about the home that you live in? You might have populated …

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Christian Schallert’s shape-shifting apartment

by Mark R

We have reported on many small apartment dwellers who have turned their cramped spaces into something innovative. There was that Hong Kong man who created the Domestic Transformer, and the Japanese man who built his house in a space designed for parking. This is Christian Schallert, who lives in what many blogs are calling a “Lego apartment”. At least, that is how one of his friends in the video (which …

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Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit

by Edwin

There are just moments in life when you just want to get away from it all – the hustle and bustle of the city, the craziness and hectic lifestyle at the office, and all the pressure in your life due to a “modern” lifestyle. Well, what better way to do it than align yourself with nature, hanging out in the wilderness with a tent and all your favorite comics in …

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Mosquito Repelling Lantern

by Edwin

Since summer is going to come around for those of you living in the northern hemisphere, it makes perfect sense to prepare for your outdoor activities, and that includes on ramping up on anti-pest sprays and lotions, just in case camping is high on your list this year. Of course, if you are going to spend plenty of time outdoors, carrying a lantern around with you would be an extremely …

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Military Mosquito Countermeasure

by Edwin

Getting bitten by bugs, especially those blood sucking mosquitoes, isn’t anyone’s idea of fun when camping in the great outdoors, don’t you think so? We too, subscribe to a similar idea, which is why we tend to look out for gizmos such as the Military Mosquito Countermeasure. The name itself is pretty much self-explanatory – after all, if it is good enough for military personnel who are abroad, surely it …

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My ECO Can brings recycling to a whole new level

by Edwin

So everyone around you know that you are an environmentally friendly person, but what they do not know is how far you will go to make sure that there is still a planet for our descendants to inherit – and this has caused you to part with $12.99 so that you will be able to bring home the My ECO Can. Just what the heck is My ECO Can? For …

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PooPoo Paper Company – Adds to the Crap on your Desk

by Julie

Let me introduce you to the PooPoo Paper Company, manufacturing recycled and odorless paper products made from elephant poo, the company also makes a load of other paper products, all from poo derived from large fiber eating animals. Think horses, cows and the very exclusive, panda poo. They start by collecting readily available poo from various wildlife parks, and then they convert it to paper, which they sell as stationary, greeting …

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