Fab Lab Solar Powered Wooden House

by Mark R

Okay, so what are we looking at here? It is the Fab Lab, which one of those awesome environmentally friendly houses. As you can see, it has what you would expect from these concept homes. First of all, it has a weird shape. In fact, it is so odd, that I don’t have name to describe it. It’s definitely asymmetrical, and a blend of a cylinder, and rectangular solid. I …

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The Solar Fountain Birdbath

by Edwin

Since summer is here for us folks living in the northern hemisphere, it goes without saying that birds would like to come out and frolic as well, and if you set up a birdbath, they would definitely love to have a go at it. However, getting that birdbath’s water to act as a fountain all by itself would require electricity, and you can either use magic, plug it in to …

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WeWood Chrono Watch

by Edwin

While many of us use our phones these days to tell the time, there are others who still prefer the more traditional method of wearing a watch. Of course, such a timepiece might be made out of classic metal, but how about getting closer to nature with the WeWood Chrono Watch from ThinkGeek? This unique timepiece is made out from 100% natural wood, helping you feel better after you decide …

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Natura helps save the environment even as you pee

by Edwin

Guys, what do you normally do when you go to the loo to relieve yourself? Normally, most guys do one or the other – which is to look ahead or stare straight down, no one really turns to the left or right just to check out how your neighbor is doing, size-wise or otherwise. If you are the type who stares down, then have you noticed just how urinals have …

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Is it the end of the clamshell packaging? I hope so.

by Mark R

If you are not familiar with clamshell packaging, it is what you see on that package of three pilers on the image to your left. I’m sure you can’t stand opening this plastic coated nightmare, as it never opens easily. On an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David is excited about his new gadget, until he can’t get it out of its clamshell plastic. He eventually ends up swearing …

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Ubiquitous iRemoTap is a Wi-Fi connected power strip

by Mark R

If you are like me, you have “that desk” in your house that is sort of the hub for digital information. On the desk is a laptop or desktop computer, and all kinds of accessories. Chances are, all of these devices are plugged in to a power strip, and they are a source of great power consumption on your monthly electric bill. This power strip by Japan-based Ubiquitous is the …

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Photosynthesis UV-Sensitive Shirt

by Edwin

When you were back in school, surely one of the more impressionable science topics that you could remember would be the entire process of photosynthesis, where it is a process for plants to consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere during the day (whenever there is sunlight, that is). If you want to remind the adult populace of this particular process, then what better way to do it …

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Bye-5: Turn off the lights by slapping it some skin

by Mark R

I have no idea of who invented the high-five, but this hand-to-hand slap has become one of the first things we learn. We are always so proud when our little babies can high five. Yes, there is something very positive about this hand slap, and designer Da Deng has channeled this positive energy into a device that can save energy. This is the Bye-5 light switch, and it is an …

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