Hot Water: Key to Recycling Electronic Components?

by Alison

Our love for gadgets means one thing in life: gadget waste will continue to grow. As new generations of laptops, tablets, phones, PCs and the like appear on the scene one has to wonder where the old ones go. Sure, some can be recycled, but there is certainly cost involved. Realistically much of what goes into a circuit board cannot be reused unless completely taken apart – which is challenging. …

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So Much More than a Longboard

by Alison

The concept of an electric skateboard evolved years ago. Seems pretty simple, right? Use push power when needed, but get extra juice going up the hill or longer distances. The challenge has been making the controls reasonable enough to use while cruising at a decent speed. Congratulations to Boosted Boards for blowing away their Kickstarter fundraising goal and creating the latest generation electric vehicle – what they call the “lightest …

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Pure ROK might help address global drinking water crisis

by Edwin

We might take clean drinking water for granted in the country that we live in, but to put things into perspective the next time you complain that there’s nothing to eat in your fridge, and the only drink you have is water, bear in mind that over 1 billion folks lack regular access to safe drinking water, and this figure is not shrinking. On the contrary, it is growing all …

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Nano UV – Saves you from Bedbugs, Bacteria, and Bad Vacations

by Julie

My best friend went to Mexico on her honeymoon. They had a lovely hotel at a fabulous resort and I helped her pick out bathing suits and shorts for almost 3 months before they left. On the first day she swallowed some water while brushing her teeth… and the rest of that vacation became a blur of bathroom tile, rough toilet paper and Pepto-Bismol.

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Find Heat and Charge

by Alison

Concept alert, concept alert. But oh boy, does this make sense. Stoves, radiators, portable heaters – the list of heat generating devices in our lives goes on and on. And our lives have gone portable with phones, tablets, laptops and the like. Devices have existed to charge electronics via heat sources, but never with the portability aspect.

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Solar Power Generator

by Edwin

We live in an era that is desperate to be green, after seeing how the industrialization that happens all over the world has started to make segments of the earth uninhabitable. After all, what was once lush and verdant forest areas have turned into parched deserts, and the thirst for oil among the nations have not subsided, but only increased. Well, you might want to live out the green life …

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Feed Plants with Re-Feed

by Alison

City living provides plenty of challenges. Growing plants and flowers poses one of those challenges. Finding adequate sun can be a task and plant food or good soil isn’t the easiest to come by. There is certainly not a hardware store on every street corner. A clever Product Design student, Fanny Nilsson, invented a concept product out of the very dilemma of plant life in city life.

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Molecule Tiny Homes – Living Large, in a Small Space

by Julie

  I’m pretty sure I have more house than I need. Let’s face it, we live in 3 rooms, the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom… the rest of the house just sits there empty, just in case we need it, like if someone comes to visit, or for the occasional formal dining holiday that usually requires a dust off of the china cabinet and the buffet server. I daydream about the …

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