Street Charge solar powered charging stations in New York

by Edwin

We live in a day and age where having a smartphone is more or less a compulsory device to own, and a tablet is a bonus. The thing is, you would need to keep those gadgets juiced up every day in order to maximize their use, and while I am quite sure that most of us do charge up our smartphones and tablets each night, there are moments when our …

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PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator

by Edwin

In this day and age, we all carry our fair share of gadgets wherever we go – and one important aspect of this would be to ensure that our gadgets remain fully charged so that we will not be caught unawares when the situation arises and we need to make that all important phone call or send an email. With the $149.99 PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator, it is one device that …

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Rapid Composter

by Edwin

To say that we are more inclined to take care of our environment these days is a true statement, although the degree of awareness still varies. In fact, some of the more environmentally minded folks have made modifications to their lifestyle, such as eating organic food, installing a solar powered panel on the roof of their homes, as well as drive an electric or hybrid car like the Tesla or …

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Zendulum Solar Powered “Pendulum” Kit

by Edwin

Don’t you just love the wonders of solar power? There is nothing quite like a device that shares this trait with Kal-El, the Man of Steel. The $39.99 Zendulum Solar Powered “Pendulum” Kit is pretty much self-explanatory, and while this does not mean you are able to perform a re-enactment of The Pit and the Pendulum with your LEGO figurines, it should be good enough to keep some of the …

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Weather Alert Emergency Handcrank Radio

by Edwin

When I was growing up, I always wondered what the heck was the weather channel there for. After all, who actually bothers to check whether it is going to rain or not tomorrow morning? Sure, mom would care a whole lot since she is the one who does the laundry at home, and she would obviously be upset if the skies literally rained on her parade. Golfers too, would know …

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Portable Solar Powered Speaker

by Edwin

We live in a world where just about any mobile device that one carries these days – be they smartphones or tablets, are capable of playing back some music. And the amount of storage that these portable devices hold can reach insane levels, in fact, a whole lot more than your regular hard drive back in 2000. This would mean you would be spoilt for choice when it comes to …

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Solar-Lighted Umbrella

by Edwin

Now, the $149.95 Solar-Lighted Umbrella is definitely something that you might want to consider assuming you have a yard or garden large enough to fit it in. I guess it goes without saying that those who do not own landed property and are currently living in apartments, you can rule having the Solar-Lighted Umbrella around, since your balcony might not be large enough to accommodate it, either. It would be …

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Zeit Eco electric scooter

by Edwin

We are all a far more environmentally conscious people these days, where the threat of global warming is very, very real. Of course, electric cars have yet to make it to the mainstream consciousness across the world, for obvious infrastructure reasons, and there is also the issue of costs involved, but it sure as heck is encouraging to see how the world is slowly but surely lowering their dependency on …

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