Continuance Batteries – Give AND Take via USB

by Julie

We’ve all been there, completely immersed in a long involved phone call and you hear the dreaded battery-beep. “Are you getting another call?” asks the person on the other end. “No, my battery is going dead.” and then you look around frantically, hoping that by some stretch of luck an electrical outlet will magically appear… and more often than not, it never does. You inform the other party that you are …

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Soladec Device Charger – Not for Vampires

by Julie

I don’t come from a long line of outdoor enthusiasts, in fact most folks that know me know that a day away from the comforts of home, you know like electricity and indoor plumbing, is a fate worse than death. It stands to reason that my daughter wants to camp more than anything in the world… Thank heavens for the Soladec Charger, with its ability to charge over 3500 different electronic …

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Swap-O-Matic vending machine

by Edwin

It is rather encouraging to see society realize that we do not inherit the earth from our parents, but rather, we are just custodians of it for the next generation. After all, there is only one earth, and if it ends up inhabitable, where else are you supposed to go? Having said that, recycling efforts have clearly stepped up a pace over the years, and we are all more eco-conscious …

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Powertrekk lets you get mobile power from ordinary water

by Mark R

I think that all of us have those mobile battery chargers for our cellular phone, in case we need that extra bit of juice. The problem is you have to remember to charge such devices, or you will be really screwed when you need them. What if you had a battery that is powered on nothing but ordinary water? It is now named the Powertrekk, and it uses fuel-cell technology …

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Mazda works on regenerative system with electric double layer capacitor

by Edwin

Everyone wants to go green these days, it makes perfect sense after all. We do not hand over the earth to our descendants as an inheritance, but rather, we are just caretakers of the earth for the next generation. I know that hybrid cars have been working their way into the psyches of folks worldwide, and electric cars, too, are picking up the pace, although there is still a long …

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Humanscale’s ZON Personal Air Purifier

by Mark R

I have to admit that I have never used a personal air purifier before, but when I had a chance to try out Humanscale’s ZON Personal Air Purifier, I took it. Of course, I did not think I needed something that looked like a fan in the cold weather I am experiencing where I live. Just to let you know, the ZON is designed to “surround the user in a …

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Piggyback Solar Powered Gadgetbag

by Edwin

Since we’re living in an eco-friendly world right now – or at least, the world’s population is starting to see the need of protecting our environment, the Piggyback Solar Powered Gadgetbag is something worth looking into if you tend to tote around more gadgets than usual. When you have the full brunt of the afternoon sun shining on your backpack, it will be able to output 1000mA at 5.6V via …

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Electric DeLorean DMCEV

by Edwin

I am quite sure that all you 1980s babies would have remembered the classic sci-fi film series, Back to the Future. There is nothing quite like the zany imagination from the past still keeping folks entertained today. I guess time travel is out of the question at the moment, and will be so in the immediate future, but how cool would it be to be able to travel through the …

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