Wi-Fi connected Smart Dimmer

by Edwin

Everyone is talking about going green these days, from the small household all the way to mega large corporations. After all, being green is in, and our planet cannot really take on too much more pollution before it starts to collapse on itself, and we all know just how mother earth is capable of striking back with more than just a vengeance. Well, Demo 2012 People’s Choice winner Ube (pronounced …

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Griffin Technology goes green with Papernomad

by Edwin

Everyone wants to go green these days, it is the “in thing”, and you will definitely score brownie points with just about everyone, especially among those Greenpeace activists. Well, here we are with Griffin Technology and one of their latest coups, which would be snagging the exclusive distribution rights of Papernomad products across North America. Based in Austria, Papernomad is a company that develops organic, customizable, tear- and water-resistant sleeves …

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Kindle? Check. Sun? Check

by Alison

I love taking the Kindle on vacation. Load up your books and boom. You are lost in a world of nonfiction…or fiction if you choose. Kindle battery life is unbelievable too. Yet any bookworm away from home may tend to run low on power. Sure if you only read 30 minutes a day you will get a month. But if you plan on not peeling your eyes away while basking …

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A Different Sort of Foot Powered Skateboard

by Alison

Skateboards seem like such a practical method of travel, especially if you live by the beach or in an area with good pathways. Some of us uncoordinated people in the world weren’t meant to travel by skateboard. Steering is all about finding your balance and being comfortable. Pushing off the ground for power should be easy. But klutzy people like me struggle. At long last. I think I found the …

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DIY Endangered Species Gadgets

by Alison

  Being eco-friendly with our technology can only do good for the planet and it makes you feel good. As gadget people we should take some responsibility to dispose of things properly. You figure if every gadget lover on the planet had even one less item to go into the ‘dead electronic stuff’ dump every year that we could start chipping away at the massive amounts of electronic waste in …

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Toyota demonstrates self-driving car at CES 2013

by Edwin

Someone would have to sit down and do a really deep think through of existing road laws and regulations when self-driving cars become more and more commonplace. What happens when the data received by the vehicle is incorrect, and the car actually breaks the speed limit, all the while when you are sipping on your Starbucks mocha at the back seat, reading up on all that is happening in the …

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General Electric Durathon battery to power buses

by Edwin

We do seem to be making a move to electric vehicles slowly but surely, as the world catches on with the idea of global warming being a disaster. Hybrid vehicles are enjoying a pretty good sales run at this point in time, although the percentage is far from dominating the auto sales market. Well, having more efficient people movers in large cities are important, and so too, would making sure …

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Everyone Needs a Cardboard Bike

by Alison

Bikes become more efficient every year. Mechanics improve plus technology and metals make things lighter and more mobile.  More and more people are going eco-friendly and moving to pedal commuting thanks to these efficiencies. How much more efficient can a bike get?

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