Sony has new line of Digital Readers

by Edwin

Sony knows that the ebook market is here to stay, which is why the company has rolled out new Digital Readers to the masses recently, where the models would include the new Reader Pocket Edition, Reader Touch Edition and, in only the US for the moment, the wireless Reader Daily Edition. All three of them will be chock full of the latest technology and design enhancements which makes them ideal …

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Amazon outs new Kindle for the masses

by Edwin

The e-book reader scene is slowly but surely picking up steam, and the Apple iPad has certainly done its bit to spice up competition amongst various e-book manufacturers. Amazon might have been the most successful with its Kindle for sometime already, but with the iPad’s appearance, the folks over at Amazon certainly aren’t going to rest on their laurels. No sir, the company has come up with a spanking new …

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Android-powered Pandigital Novel hacked

by Edwin

E-book readers are all the rage these days, and it is interesting to note that more and more folks in developed countries who have a good reading habit are making the jump to digital books. After all, having a single device that can tote around hundreds and hundreds of tomes without weighing you down is always a boon, especially if you tend to do a whole lot of traveling. Of …

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Amazon has new Kindle DX in stores

by Edwin

Amazon’s Kindle ebook reader has been quite a winner for some time already, at least until the Apple iPad came onto the scene, moving an insane number of units within the first couple of months of its shelf life. Well, while the iPad is not a dedicated ebook reader, the Amazon Kindle is, which is why Amazon decided to step up their game against its rather illustrious opponent by introducing …

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E-Ink Next Generation Display Platform

by Edwin

With the proliferation of e-book readers these days, it makes perfect sense for manufacturers to jump aboard the e-book display bandwagon, where among them E-Ink has already done a pretty bang up job in the past. The company has just announced that it will be releasing its next generation display technology known as Pearl in the second quarter of the year. Pearl will be the way where E Ink expands …

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Amazon Kindle sees price drop

by Edwin

Amazon just announced that their Kindle e-reader will receive a price drop to $189, falling all the way from $259. It would be interesting to see just how this rather steep price drop will help boost the Kindle’s sales in wake of the iPad’s phenomenal release and sales performance figures thus far. For those who have been living under a rock for the past few years, the Amazon Kindle is …

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Acer LumiRead ebook reader announced

by Edwin

Who would have thought that even a company like Acer would take the plunge into the world of ebook readers? Well, that has happened with the Acer LumiRead, the latest device from Acer that touts to offer users an excellent reading experience as it seamlessly integrates in the Acer solution. Since the Acer LumiRead is also DLNA compliant, it can access Acer and share contents like eBooks and …

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Belkin Light and Cases for Amazon Kindle

by Edwin

Belkin has got Amazon’s back with a new light as well as cases for the Kindle e-book reader, where we will concentrate on the compact eBook Light today. This device will illuminate your Kindle accordingly, suiting your reading environment so that you won’t miss a single page of action (virtual one, that is) despite your partner being one who is extremely sensitive to light when trying to get some shuteye. …

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