Google eBookstore – Is bigger best?

by Julie

I love to read, I pretty much read everything I get my hands on, including my morning cereal box. I have books on my iPod Touch, my iPad, my laptop and my phone, believe it or not, I think I’d still also enjoy having an eReader. I know I’m probably not the norm, but there are probably a few people out there just like me. Enough folks like me, that …

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Cruz Storypad – Animated e-Reader for tots

by Julie

It’s amazing how quickly kids grow up these days. the one thing that strikes me is just how much our kids want to be like us. It’s not always a good thing, I mean my 7 year old wants to wear makeup and have a cell phone. But there’s a product about to hit the market that might work to a parents advantage. The Cruz Storypad is a full color, …

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Hanvon color e-reader offers yet another option

by Edwin

E-book readers have been around for some years already, and the amount of progress in that department hasn’t really caught on as fast as we would like to have. After all, we are finally about to take the plunge into the world of color e-readers after some time, which is pretty sad considering how other devices such as cell phones have long adopted the color feature for some time already. …

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NOOK kids announced by Barnes & Noble

by Edwin

Barnes & Noble has just announced something for the little ones while the adults can have fun with their NOOKcolor – we’re talking about NOOK kids. This is a state-of-the-art digital reading experience that will target little ones, making NOOK kids the first-ever platform which can deliver the largest and growing collection of nearly 12,000 popular children’s picture and chapter books in an enhanced and engaging digital format. It will …

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Barnes & Noble “surprises” people with NOOKcolor

by Edwin

Barnes & Noble’s entrance into the ebook reader market with their NOOK device didn’t exactly burn up the sales charts since its debut, but that doesn’t mean the company is going to roll over and give up just like that. Well, Barnes & Noble has come up with a new version, bringing color to the fore this time around. We’re talking about the NOOKcolor, which is touted to offer the …

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Ectaco introduces jetBook mini

by Edwin

Once you’ve taken a look at the title, do not groan and say “Oh no! Not another e-book reader that has descended upon us!”. Well, that might be the case, but you need not worry about Ectaco’s latest offering as the jetBook-mini will be an extension of the world’s leader in portable language learning and translation technology, empowering book lovers everywhere (whether they like flipping through virtual pages or not …

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Borders to deliver new Kobo Wireless eReader

by Edwin

Love reading, but have yet to make the jump over from a paperback to a digital book reader? Well, if you frequent Borders and would love to see what the fuss about eBook readers are all about, let Kobo satisfy your curiosity with their new Kobo Wireless eReader. This model will finally come with Wi-Fi connectivity to make sure it remains up to date with the rest of its rivals …

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Sony has new line of Digital Readers

by Edwin

Sony knows that the ebook market is here to stay, which is why the company has rolled out new Digital Readers to the masses recently, where the models would include the new Reader Pocket Edition, Reader Touch Edition and, in only the US for the moment, the wireless Reader Daily Edition. All three of them will be chock full of the latest technology and design enhancements which makes them ideal …

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