Tablet Stand for All Uses

by Alison

As our tablets become a bigger part of life we find ourselves using them everywhere. The desk, the kitchen counter, in bed, in the back yard, in the car. The list goes on and on. And a constant struggle exists with where the heck to set the thing. Doing the “balance the tablet on the stomach with legs bent to keep it upright while avoiding movement to prevent falling to …

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Lower the Price & Deal with the Ads?

by Alison

Amazon is slated to announce – what most believe to be – the second generation Kindle Fire later this week. The Wall Street Journal online and many other outlets are reporting rumors that the new tablet is designed to compete with the Nexus 7 and reportedly will come in under the price of the Nexus and similar to other competitors. How is that possible? Ta-dah! With advertisements. Rumors state that, …

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Sony Reader PRS-T2 e-book reader

by Edwin

Have you jumped aboard the e-book revolution? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might want to check out the Sony Reader PRS-T2 e-book reader, which is the latest e-book reader device from the Japanese consumer electronics giant. Just what does the Sony Reader PRS-T2 offer right out of the box? Well, we are looking at additional features which allows it to manage content, delivering easy wireless access …

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Study Aids

by Alison

Get the students in your life, ready for the hours of studying with these gizmos:


Study All Night

There’s nothing like having to stay up all night and cram for a test – while your light sensitive roommate sleeps. Make it a non-issue with this 3 pack of clip on LED book lights from GE. They can clip to a paperback, hardback or an e-reader. You’ll get 10,000 hours of use out of each light, plenty of time to get you through school. And the great part is the 3-pack is only $19.18 at Amazon.



Give Eyes a Break

Every hard studying student needs a break. Whether staring at notes or a computer screen the strain on eyes can take its toll. What a better way to take a break than with an eye massage witht he Breo Breeze ISee 180-Hi-Tech Digital Eye & Temple Massager. This must have device uses principles of acupuncture to apply heat and vibration and gently massage and improve oxygen supply and circulation. It even has a built in MP3 player to keep your chill tunes on while relaxing. Breo has a full line of products including more expensive options, but at $34.99 on Amazon the ISee 180 is perfect for students.


Get the Edge with Lightwedge:

Make reading the fine print a cinch with this pocket sized magnifier. A powerful LED ensures that you can see what you magnify as well. Lightwedge is available in 10 colors and at just $8.97 on Amazon it is a must for students young and old.

No More Device Dropping

by Alison

Ever dropped your phone or e-reader? You are in an elite club if you have not. Personally, I would have to say JFK airport was my worst. I was, typing on the escalator when imbalance took over and wham! There went the smartphone, tumbling down the escalator like a slinky. Yes, expletives followed. Face it, technology is cool but we have our klutzy tendencies. FLYGRIP is a device that we …

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London Underground Tube Tent

by Edwin

The summer Olympics are about to start, so if you are living in London, you might as well get on with the revelry there to welcome folks from all walks of life in the best British way possible. Some of the famous British icons include Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben, the Parliament building, and who can forget London’s famous Underground Tube? If you have a backyard that is large enough, …

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Reader Store delivers greater reading freedom regardless of where you are

by Edwin

Love reading? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might be interested to know that tomes from the old school are not that trendy these days, what with e-book readers as well as tablet devices of different screen sizes are starting to make their way up the popularity charts among people from all walks of life. Well, Sony surely has something special for all of you e-book lovers …

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Wonderbook: Book of Spells offers augmented reality reading

by Edwin

I clearly remember back in the days when I was a wee lad, there was no such thing as video game consoles. All right, there was the Atari 2600, but how many people in my neighborhood could actually scurry up the money to buy one? There were bigger things to worry about such as putting food on the table, and the number of TV channels available for viewing could be …

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