Kid-Friendly Kindle Environment

by Alison

The Kindle has revolutionized the world of reading. Most of us probably had that “nah, I like the feel of a book” notion at some point. But we obviously got over it. Younger generations certainly take to e-reading easier than us old folks. Kids navigate like pros. It is scary to think that younger generations may know nothing but e-reading. Yet not many of us are opting to buy a …

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New Approach to eReading

by Alison

What prevents most people from getting an e-reader? Seriously, if you read, there are few reasons not to get one – aside from the price perhaps. With most competitive devices going for over $100 a person may rethink before going electronic. Yet a German company took a different approach and looks to shake up the e-reader industry in doing so.

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Gadget Gear for a Cause

by Alison

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You see a number of fundraisers and campaigns in full swing. Incipio – makers of mobile device accessories – created their own method to raise funds and awareness thanks to our gadgets. Via “Case for a Cure” Incipio donates 20% of each pink accessory sold on their website to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®. With such a worthwhile cause we thought it only …

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Kobo Arc comes in three storage options

by Edwin

The world of tablets is not really that complicated if you were to break it down in terms of the operating system – there is either Android or iOS, where the BlackBerry PlayBook is negligible, although the release of Microsoft’s Surface tablets later this year might just change the tablet landscape somewhat. It is either an iPad or an Android-powered tablet, where the latter certainly has plenty of options for …

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Meet Kindle Paperwhite

by Alison

In addition to announcing the family of Kindle Fire HD last week, Amazon also announced the arrival of the Kindle Paperwhite and Paperwhite 3G, the latest Kindle e-reader. The Kindle, and its competition that followed, have revolutionized how many of us read. I admit, when presented with my first Kindle I balked. But in the course of business travel or downtime at the beach I saw the light. Despite the …

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The Kobo Family of eReaders and Tablets – For Everyone and Jr Too!

by Julie

Mom! Can I use your iPad? Mom… let me just use your iPad for a minute. But why can’t I take your iPad to school? Mom, I dropped the iPad, but its still works, see? Of course I can think of a million other reasons I’d like to see a truly useful, kid friendly e-reader or tablet, and while I’m at it, I’d like to see it with a much …

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Kindle Fire Goes HD and Big

by Alison

Unless you hid under a rock last week you know that Amazon unveiled the next generations of the Kindle Fire. The Kindle has become a necessity in many lives and, despite the popularity of tablets, continues to sell at a rapid pace. And the addition of the color screen, web browsing Fire a year ago gave Amazon an entirely different market and truly made Samsung and Apple stop and pay …

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Tablet Stand for All Uses

by Alison

As our tablets become a bigger part of life we find ourselves using them everywhere. The desk, the kitchen counter, in bed, in the back yard, in the car. The list goes on and on. And a constant struggle exists with where the heck to set the thing. Doing the “balance the tablet on the stomach with legs bent to keep it upright while avoiding movement to prevent falling to …

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