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Whether you like it or not, e-books and e-readers are here to stay. The industry continues to evolve and grow. So tune in to this section to see the latest readers and gadgets to help you enjoy this new form of reading.


The Kobo Aura is waterproof and ready for reading in the tub

by Caitlyn

Sometimes sitting down with a good book is all we need to relax. Of course, to get the most out of your relaxation time you want to combine as many relaxing things as possible. Taking a hot bath with chamomile tea in addition to your book is bound to do some good in restoring a bit of your sanity. Of course, many people use eReaders anymore, so if you don’t want to bring it along in the water without having to buy a new one, you might be in the market for some better options.

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The Kindle Oasis will whisk you away to another world

by Caitlyn

Kindle Oasis

While I still haven’t made the switch from physical books to an e-reader, it’s not for a lack of interest. They’re supposed to be pretty awesome for battery life, be easier on your eyes regardless of the time of day, and are just convenient. One of the better-known versions of this is the Kindle, and as they’ve been around for a good minute now they’re of course turning out newer models that are said to be better than previous renditions.

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The E-Reader Pillow – snuggle up with a virtual book

by Caitlyn

E-Reader Pillow

It’s funny how things change but also stay very much the same. People used to be awake at night by candlelight, then by bedside lamp, and now we use our phones, laptops, and tablets to burn the midnight oil. The lamps are still there, we just want to tempt fate for how long our vision will hold up. For those of you who just can’t seem to stop reading or browsing the Internet in bed, you know how tired your wrists can get from holding up your tablet or E-Reader, even when you’ve switched up positions time and time again.

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Amazon Kindle Voyage arrives

by Edwin

amazon-kindle-voyageWhen we talk about hardware released by Amazon, one of the surefire topics that rise up would be their range of Kindle e-book readers, such as the Kindle Fire HD that offers plenty of bang for your hard earned buck. Of course, there is also the Kindle Fire smartphone which never really managed to take off in a big way, which could be why Amazon has continued to concentrate on their e-reader range, having announced the 7th generation Kindle which they have dubbed as the Kindle Voyage. How apt, considering the journey or adventure that Amazon has gone through over the years in the e-reader market.

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All new Kindle Paperwhite announced, brings e-reading to the next level

by Edwin

kindle-paperwhiteE-book readers, also known as e-Readers in certain quarters, are not exactly the fastest moving tablet-like device in the market at the moment, and neither has it been that way for a long time. In fact, the iPad and a plethora of Android-powered tablets are dominating the market at the moment, and e-book readers occupy just a small percentage of the share. This has not fazed Amazon though, as they have just announced the sixth generation Kindle Paperwhite reader, where it will boast of new display technology with a higher contrast, next generation built-in light, a faster processor, in addition to all-new reading features such as Kindle Page Flip, Goodreads, Kindle FreeTime, Smart Lookup, and Vocabulary Builder among others.

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NOOK Simple Touch GlowLight gets an even lower price

by Edwin

nook-simple-touchDo you happen to own an e-book reader? For those of you out there who are keen on getting ready way before the intended date, and want to prepare for the school or university year ahead, then check this out – Barnes & Noble has just announced that the NOOK Simple Touch GlowLight would receive a price cut, making this ideal e-book reader more accessible to the masses with a price point of just $99. Yes sir, don’t you think that at that particular price point, it would be more appealing to the masses?

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Gain Rewards with Amazon Coins

by Alison

Yesterday (February 5, 2013) Amazon announced a new loyalty program launching in May. Amazon Coins will enable app purchases with credits/points/’coins’. Makes sense. Afterall, most of us are sucked into some points program – be it credit card miles, grocery store points or what not. But take a look at more of the details of Amazon Coins and see if you think it will be enough to gain loyalty of buyers and programmers.

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Kindle? Check. Sun? Check

by Alison

I love taking the Kindle on vacation. Load up your books and boom. You are lost in a world of nonfiction…or fiction if you choose. Kindle battery life is unbelievable too. Yet any bookworm away from home may tend to run low on power. Sure if you only read 30 minutes a day you will get a month. But if you plan on not peeling your eyes away while basking in the vacation sun then you better be prepared.

From the “that make sense” file is the SolarFocus cover for Kindle. Pop your Kindle 4 (latest edition…the one without the keyboard or touchscreen) into the leather case where it is held securely. Built into the cover is a solar panel. So yes, as you sit at the pool your Kindle can recharge. It will take you 3 sunny days to fully recharge. But with the low battery usage of the Kindle I find it hard to believe anyone could run out of juice. Included inside the case is a self-housed LED light for nighttime reading. And it is charged via the solar panel too, preserving your Kindle battery for its own functions. This Solar Lighted Cover can be yours for $69.95 on Amazon.com or £49.90 on Amazon.co.uk and be to you just in time for your winter getaway to the sun.

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