Chillsner Beer Cooler makes drinking a cooler affair

by Edwin

If you thought that drinking was cool before, then here is something that would make it feel even cooler – literally speaking, of course. I am referring to the £24.99 Chillsner Beer Cooler which would make your drinks all the more cold. In fact, the Chillsner Beer Cooler can be said to be the first in-bottle drink-through beer chiller in the world, which means you do not have to go …

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Breathometer is the smallest smartphone breathalyzer in the world

by Edwin


There are a few things that one ought not to do when driving – to do so when you are texting or talking to someone on the phone, or to do so when you are drunk, way above your head as to your body’s alcohol tolerance level can handle. Of course, when you are drunk, nobody says no to you, save for the authorities when they stop you (that is …

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Stack Wine – Unzip One Glass at a Time

by Julie


While we’ve already purchased our notebooks and new backpack I have to keep reminding myself that it’s still summer. Oddly there is a bit of chill in the air already, but I’m pretty certain we have some fabulous beach days still left ahead of us, and I’m planning on making the most of it!

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Motorhead Sacrifice Boxed Wine

by Edwin


Normally, one would not associate a rock band with wine, as the latter is more often than not reserved for more, er, “refined” music, but beer – I think most folks would be able to resonate with beer and Motorhead going together. Still, there are always exceptions to any rule, and the same can be said of the £29.99 Motorhead Sacrifice Boxed Wine. What looks like a classic guitar amplifier …

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BrewBit Model-T keeps your homebrew at the perfect temperature

by Chris


After a long week at work, many people enjoy sitting down with a nice cold beer. And for the most part, it’s not hard for someone to find one that they like. However, what if you’re after a unique taste? Sure, there are plenty of microbrews out there that seem to cover every flavor imaginable, but now it’s become increasingly popular for people to brew their own beer. If you’ve …

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Brew2Go Non-Spill Portable Beer Glass

by Edwin


I suppose there is a strange unifying factor about the local tavern or your favorite watering hole, where everyone gets together to celebrate one another’s triumphs as well as sadness. If your favorite sports team wins, then you drink to celebrate, but if they let their fans down and endure another year of disappointment, then it is all the same – one would drown his sorrows in the nectar of …

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Building Brick Mug

by Edwin

The great pyramids of Giza were built block by block on the backs of slaves, but since we live in a modern day world where such slavery is no longer that obvious in our reality, and we humans still have this innate need to build stuff, here is the £19.99 Building Brick Mug that ought to satisfy all of your building urges. I guess you can say that the Building …

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36-Bottle Wine Credenza

by Edwin

Some folks like collecting antique cars (and you will have to be especially loaded if you wish to take that path), while others prefer something a whole lot more affordable such as comic books and trading cards – baseball, basketball or otherwise. Well, perhaps you might want to stand out from the rest of the crowd in the neighborhood by boasting of a wine collection – and what better way …

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