The Beer Pump

by Al

This is cool, it may be shaped like one of those old fashioned petrol pumps but it is in fact a unique beer dispenser (though not quite as unique as the beerbelly drinks holder). Simpler fill the personal beer pump up with 4 star your favourite tipple and serve cold out of the nozzle. If you known people that have filled a diesel car with normal fuel you’d probably be …

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Portable ice making machine.

by Paz

Portable ice machine.

This looks like a great idea from Nieman Marcus. It’s a portable ice machine; absolutely vital when the weather’s fine and you’re out camping or having a picnic somewhere. The product page was distinctly thin on detail though, so anxious to get all the facts and figures for our coolest-gadgets readers, I started an online chat with the lovely Deborah Weatherly. Deborah was very helpful, but typed slower than an …

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Inflatable Beer Bucket

by Anita


Be the hit of any outdoor party or jamboree when you bring the beer and the best inflatable beer bucket ever made. Any time you have an outdoor party and beer drinkers, you are either running in and the door to get them a beer, asking your girlfriend or spouse to retrieve the beer or letting them go to your frig and get their own beer. Well, now you can …

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