Automatic Wine Bottle Opener

by Al

This is one phallic looking kitchen gadget, the new and improved Venus Rechargeable Automatic Wine Bottle Opener. The Venus is capable of de-corking 40 bottles on a single charge. Simply rest it on the neck of the bottle, flick the switch and it will extract the cork, flick the switch in the opposite direction and it will spit it back out. This has got to be the laziest bottle opener …

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Ice Luge Drinking Game

by Al

Ice Luge

This is an interesting looking drinking game for those hot summer days, the Party Ice Luge. In order to play Party Ice Luge you need to fill included container with water, freeze it. Once frozen you have 2 luge runs to pour the beverage of your choice down and find 2 victims friends to slurp the ice cold drink as it exits the luge. Okay it’s not really game but …

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by Stephen

Ice Tankard

With all this great weather we are having, there is nothing nicer than sitting in the garden, watching the world cup with an ice cold beer. Ideal at first but my beer starts to warm up quite quickly in the heat and I have to keep putting it in the fridge to cool it down before I drink anymore – Very frustrating when you hear Beckham near the goal posts.

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A couple of football gadgets

by Paz


We’ve a few more football gadgets for you. Apologies perhaps to our US visitors and people who aren’t keen on football, but we hope you can bear with us for the next four or five weeks….

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The Star Wars Bar Set

by Al

Star Wars Bar set

I don’t know any geek that is not a fan of Star Wars and I also don’t have any friends that are not a fan of bars so this gadget fills both holes, the Star Wars Pewter Bar Set.

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Alcohol Stock Market

by Al

Drinks Stock Market

If you find the stock market a bit confusing imagine what it would be like after a few bevies, well you may not have to imagine much longer. The Unstablizer could force drinkers to get a basic understanding of the stock market if they want to get the most alcohol for their money.

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Beer Holster

by Al

Beer Holster

When you’re doing DIY jobs around the house a tool belt can come in quite handy for holding screw drivers, hammers, etc. However what tool belt manufacturers forgot was that other essential DIY item, beer. This is where the beer holster comes to the rescue! The beer holster slots on your belt and is perfectly shaped to hold a 12 oz. can or bottle of beer (or any other beverage …

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Don’t break the bottle

by Stephen

Dont break the bottle

Everyone enjoys the odd bottle of wine. When you are going to your friend’s house for a meal you bring a bottle. A great start to the night would to use this wooden wine bottle puzzle to break the ice. You want make your friends work for the expensive bottle you brought! It will be the talk of the party from the start.

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