Slot Machine Liquor Dispenser

by Al

Normally drinking and gambling don’t mix (no pun intended) and are a sure way to lose a load of cash and the shirt from your back. However to prove the rule there’s got to be the exception and here it is, the Slot Machine Liquor Dispenser. With the Slot Machine Liquor Dispenser you are guaranteed to win every time, simply place you shot glass in the slot machine, cross your …

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Color Changing Margarita Glasses

by Al

Color Changing Glasses

This is another “pointess but cool” drinking gadget, the color changing margarita glass. Each margarita glass can be lit up in 1 of 8 colors, to change the color (or turn the glass off) simple flick a switch at the base of the glass (you may want to do this when the glass is empty rather than just before pouring the contents on the floor). The color changing LED margarita …

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Cocktail Fountains

by Al


Any gadget that makes it easier and quicker to get alcoholic beverages into your glass (followed by mouth) generally gets the blessing of the CG team and this drinking gadget has got to be the coolest drink dispenser yet, the cocktail fountain. The cocktail fountain is just what it sounds a fountain of your chosen beverage, it even works with non alcoholic drinks (not that we’d ever test that theory). …

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Lego Ice Cubes

by Al

Lego Ice Cubes

I’ve always been a fan of lego and thought these were really cool (literally) Lego ice cubes. Available in some countries (not the UK for some reason) from the official Lego shop (found via Crib Candy).

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New Karaoke device hits Japan

by Edwin


Japanese love their karaoke, and the new Kyoku NAVI is guaranteed to elevate the social art of karaoke to the next level. This portable karaoke device is the result of a collaboration between IBM and Xing, and comes with a touch screen interface that enables users to browse through the list of songs in a simplified manner without shifting through page after page in traditional plastic files. The NAVI device …

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Bartender, gimme a double!

by Edwin


You know how everyone at Coolest Gadgets love to have a tipple or two judging by the amount of alcoholic posts that we have made. The new Draughtmaster from Carlsberg will definitely be on top of most mens’ shopping lists this holiday season as you now no longer need to trudge down a cold, long road to the local tavern in order to knock back a few pints with your …

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Pull the Perfect Pint at Home with the HD3600

by Al

HD3600 Perfect Draft

As our regular readers may have noticed a few members of the CG team (all bar 1 I think(no pun intended)) do enjoy the odd tipple or two. We’ve had to suffer the hardship of testing the Guiness Surger and comparing the taste with all other types of Guinness. Then there was the time we crawled round London pubs looking for looking for Sub Zero Beer, though unsuccessful this has …

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Pet Drinking Fountain keeps things bubbly

by Edwin


Those who are blessed enough to have a man-made pond at home find it very soothing and often listen to the sounds of an artificial, babbling brook to smooth out the day’s crumples and stress. If you do not have the living space nor the finance to build such a pond in your backyard, why not pick up the Pet Drinking Fountain instead? All you need to do is to …

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