Pimped Out John a classy masterpiece

by Edwin

How many of you have actually played Gears of War on a 20″ LCD TV, sipping on a nice, cold beer (the vital drink that sustains all of us at Coolest Gadgets), listening to our favorite tunes on the iPod? I’m sure that many would have answered in the affirmative, but when you realize that one can do all that in the loo, your jaws are guaranteed to drop, just …

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Ham Burger Coasters

by Al

Burger Coasters

I generally prefer to clean ring marks every now and again than use a coaster but this coaster set is pretty unique, the American Burger Coaster Set, each of the 6 layers is it’s own drinks coaster. This is probably one of the few occasions I won’t mind having lettuce. Available from Drink Stuff, hat tip to The Green Head.

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Fridge Alarm

by Al

Fridge Alarm

This is a cool little gadget to warn you that you’ve left the fridge door open and your beers getting warm, the Fridge Alert. To use you simply leave the fridge alert inside your fridge and if it detects light for over 30 seconds it sets off an alarm. So it will either prompt you to hurry up and choose which can you want or it will warn you if …

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Beer Caddy offers convenience

by Edwin


It is no secret that every single person here at Coolest Gadgets enjoy knocking back a pint or two after a hard day’s work. As we all know, the natural evolution of man will eventually turn him into a couch potato, fully equipped with an extremely large and rotund beer belly. Of course, all this is made possible only if there is a continuous supply of ice cool beer, but …

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Perfect Pint Glass

by Al

Perfect Pint Glass

Does the barman at your local serve more head then liquid refreshment, fed up with half measures when you just want a full pint? Well thanks to Think Geek the solution is at hand (literally) with the Perfect Pint Glass. The perfect pint glass has clear measurements so you can see exactly how much froth and how much beer you’re actually buying. Unfortunately it only measures in US pints (pah) …

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Jura-Capresso Z-Series Cup Warmer

by Edwin


Most of us in the working world know how hard it is to get out of bed in the mornings and go through the drudgery that we call work, and more often than not it is not just a state of mind that we have to snap ourselves out of. This brings us to the ancient beverage we call coffee, as millions of people around the world often start off …

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The Dunkers Mug

by Al

Dunker Mug

If you enjoy dunking the odd digestive in your tea or coffee, this is the solution to the not enough hands problem (okay problem is probably an exaggeration), the dunk mug. The dunk mug has a compartment at the bottom to store your biscuits prior to dunking, so you can hold the mug in one hand and and retrieve one biscuit at a time ready for the dunk. The dunk …

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Beer Belly Review

by Al

Beer Belly package

We reported on the cool beer belly product earlier in the year. Thanks to the good guys who make the beer belly we can now follow up on that report with an unbiased (though at times maybe intoxicated) review. As I have a natural beer belly I enlisted my mate Russell (Software engineer by day, beer belly model by night) to do the photo shoot and product testing (Russell will …

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