Real Beer Goggles

by Al

If you’ve ever been out for an evening drinking you’ll of noticed as the evening wears on people seem to get more and more beautiful. This is scientifically known as the beer goggle effect, where “ugliness + beer = beauty”. You can now own your very own beer goggles without the inconvenience of drinking, with the Real Beer Goggles. The goggles are available from drinkstuff for £2.99, though if you …

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Shotgunator – Drink Beer Fast

by Al

Shotgunator - shotgun beer

Any gadget that aids in the drinking of beer has got to be good in my book, so when the Shotgunator turned up in the post I was keen to give it a try. The shotgunator is touted as a safe way of making holes in beer cans enabling you to empty their contents into your gullet at speed. It’s also known as shotgunning beer (not a term I’d heard …

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Guinness Marmite

by Al

Guiness Marmite

*Edit* – This seems to be selling/sold out, they only place I’ve been able to find Guinness marmite is on eBay Guinness and Marmite are two tastes that you either love or absolutely hate. Me, I love Guinness but I despise Marmite. Well to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Guinness and Marmite have teamed up to launch the limited edition Guinness Marmite Spread. Guinness Marmite is created using 30% special Guinness …

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Stylish Beverage Fountain

by Al

Beverage Fountain

Famous for their chocolate fountains, Giles and Posner are now offering fountains for us drinkers. Our beverage fountain is designed to hold up to 15 litres and can be used with most non-effervescent drinks, from soft drinks to cocktails. With its illuminated centre column and gold plated rim the beverage fountain makes enjoying your favourite beverage a real spectacle! As it’s priced at £695 + VAT I think I’ll be …

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Remote Control Glass

by Al

Booze Cruze

If you ever thought you were good with remote control cars this has got to be the ultimate test, Booze Cruze, an R/C car with a glass on top. Instructions are pretty simple: 1. Fill the glass with a liquid of your choice (we recommend water beer) 2. Set up the race course as desired. 3. Drive the course without spilling a drop I’m sure there’s a drinking game to …

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Wine Bottle Candles

by Al

Wine Bottle Candles

As next week is Valentines day I’m sure a few people are planning a romantic candle lit meal and bottle of wine. Well instead of wasting money on a bottle of wine and a candle you can do both with the wine bottle candle.

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Sit on Beer to Keep it Cool

by Al

Cool Stool

It might look like a standard fisherman’s stool but this one has a subtle and useful difference, instead of having lots of different compartments for fishing paraphernalia it has the more useful inclusion of an integrated cooler bag. So when you’re waiting for the next bite you can have a cool beer instead of a decidedly dodgy warm one. You can get the cooler bag stool from Shakespeare , anything …

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Make Your Own Ice Bucket

by Al

Ice Bucket

It might not be as ornate as making your own ice swan but it’s certainly a lot more useful the real ice bucket, keep the bubbly cool with style. The real ice bucket can be your for £19.95 from Boys Stuff.

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