Mentos, the Geysermaker! Be like the Eepybird guys!

by Fred

If you haven’t seen the Eepybird guys do their thing with Mentos and Diet Coke. First, I’d like to welcome you back from your Oceanic Airlines flight 815 and tell you we’re glad you made it back from “The Island“. Second,, you can click here and watch it, Captain Out of Touch! Third, and most importantly, now you can put together your own Eepybird style show with the Soda Geyser! …

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Cool Shooters, the Coolest Shot Glasses Money Can Buy

by Nick

Cool Shooters

The Cool Shooter is just like a regular ice cube tray, but instead of making cubes, it makes perfectly formed frozen ice shot glasses. All you need to do is fill the Cool Shooter with water, favourite juice or even liquor and put them on the freezer, and soon you can pop out a fully formed ice glass.

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The Smallest Wine Cellar

by Al

Single Bottle Wine Cellar

This is one for the serious wine connoisseur, that have invested in the perfect bottle for some future occasion, the single bottle wine cellar. Considering the single bottle cellar will set you back a whopping $405.49 this is only for the real wine buff.

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R/C Sumo Wrestling

by Al

R/C Sumo

This has got to be the craziest remote control toy I’ve ever seen, remote control super sumo’s. So no longer do you need to binge on chips and beer to get that authentic sumo physique, you can now wrestle your mates Sumo style by twiddling your thumbs, quality! You can get the 2 wrestlers, remote controls and sumo battle mat for £19.99 (~$40 give or take a few cents). I’m …

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Beer Opening Talking Homer Fridge Magnet

by Al

Homer Beer Opener

Watch Simpsons ….. check Like beer ….. check Next gadget ….. Talking Homer Fridge Magnet. This is a must have, for all beer loving fans of The Simpsons. Slap on the 26 cm tall Homer head on your fridge and he will comment with random frases like: “Do you drink that brand? I’m not even desperate enough to drink that stuff.” “Hurry up and drink, that bottle’s not gonna empty …

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4 Port USB Beer Hub

by Al

Beer Hub

Four Port USB Hubs are all well and good, but a four port beer hub now that’s what I call cool! It’s Friday night and time for another beer gadget, this time it’s the turn of the Octopus Tap, the beer hub for you and 3 friends. Simply attach the Octopus to a keg of beer, attach an CO2 canister (optional but better with) and you can now pour 4 …

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Whose round is it?

by Al

Drinking Game Whose Round

As I’m about to go to the pub for a drink with a few tight friends (I’d like to call them frugal but they’re not they are just tight) this gadget seems pretty appropriate, the Whose Round Is It Anyway? game. The game works like Simple Simon but instead of having to remember colors you need to remember drinks. The loser is the first person that fails to remember and …

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Beer Bottle Goblet for the thirsty

by Edwin


If you still doubt that we at Coolest Gadgets are a bunch of beer lovers, why not run the search “beer” on the site? The results will definitely surprise you. Firebox is currently offering new Beer Bottle Goblets that will make a fine addition to your collection of drinking apparatus. The type of lager which you drink is of utmost importance, but bear in mind that the method of delivery …

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