Infrared Thermometer And Corkscrew.

by Al

Wine gadgets seem to be all the rage lately, with this one combining the simple corkscrew withe an infrared thermometer so you can see the temperature of the wine before opening the bottle. This is the only corkscrew that, at the touch of a button, measures the infrared heat signature of wine and champagne from the outside of the bottle before you pull the cork, allowing you to serve vintages …

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Vey-Ner-Chuk!!! Wine, Winelibrary TV (and a wine gadget)

by Fred

Gary at WinelibraryTV

Well, here’s the wine gadget to satisfy the all knowing Al (there’s always gotta be a tie in kiddies). The Presorvac Wine Saver Plug-in it’s like 50 bones.  Keeps wine fresh, get it at This is all just an excuse to introduce you to Gary. He’s the man over at go and watch,, and learn! Gary Vey-Ner-Chuk. If you like wine, people with enthusiasm, and knowledge you will …

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Personal Water Purifier gives clean drinking water

by Edwin


Ah – the great outdoors. With summer just around the corner, it makes perfect sense to plan for that perfect summer vacation already, from the routes you and your family would take down to the most minute details including the amount of water to carry. What happens when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with nary a single convenience store in sight? All the Benjamins in the world …

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Talking bottle buddy in the UK

by Al

Talking Bottle Buddy

We reported on the very amusing talking wine butler earlier in the year. As my girlfriend loves the odd bottle glass of Merlot or 3 I was going to get her one for her birthday. That was until I priced up the cost of getting it delivered from the States to the UK. The cost of the butler was $66 but when postage and taxes were added on it came …

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Taste the Beer of the Sith: the Darth Vader stein

by Andi

Darth Vader Stein

The Coolest Star Wars Stuff series continues: this time you get to sip on the pure dark side (or is it stout?) directly from Darth Vader’s head. Actually, it seems that Anakin is slowly coming back and doing good things. After serving as a phone, nutcracker and even as a means of transportation, this time he’ll help you drink your beer in style and will it from spilling too.

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Intoxicated and UV Warning Tester

by Guest Poster

Alcohol Breth Tester

Not only can this little gadget help you keep your driver’s license and play funny drinking games with your friends, but it can also tell you if it’s safe to spend your hangover under the clear sky; it’s a pen-shaped alcohol tester with an attached ‘harmful ultraviolet sunlight’ detector.

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The Beer Pager

by Guest Poster

Beer Pager

Ever been at a party and couldn’t find your beer? Do you sometimes feel like that darn can is trying to elude you? I sure did! Alas, there is an end to this! The Beer Pager! Drop your can or bottle in it, clip the remote to your belt and enjoy the party. If you’re unable to find your drink, just press the red button, and a friendly belch will …

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Temperature controlled wine dispensing unit

by Al

Wine Dispensing Cabinet

Ever fancied having your own wine on tap, well now you can with the vin au verre wine dispenser. You load up the vin au verre with 8 of your favourite tipples, plug in tubes and what not and though and behold you can now pour your wine out of a tap that wouldn’t look out of place in McDonalds. The dispensing unit is also fully temperature controlled and offers …

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