LED Party Bottle Chiller

by Edwin

Want to keep your drinks constantly chilled during a party while looking good doing it? The LED Party Bottle Chiller could be the answer to your prayers. This LED Party Bottle Chiller constantly pushes cooling water to keep your drinks chilled. All you need to do is set the time, turn it on and your drinks will get chilled in double-quick time! To add that extra special spark, the LED …

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Wine Bug scuttles to the table

by Edwin


Now isn’t this a beauty? The Wine Bug (it looks more like a dog to me, four legs and all) holds a solitary bottle of wine while looking good doing it. Pouring some wine out is as easy as lifting up the tail for simple elegance. Each of these Wine Bugs are hand crafted from steel and have been coated to prevent rusting from occurring. They’re currently on sale now …

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Frog crushes cans

by Edwin


No, the amphibian that I’m talking about here is not some mutated giant frog, but instead is a foot-operated can crusher that makes short work of all aluminum tin cans. All you need to do is extend its legs to the maximum height, place the can right underneath its belly, and stand on it with one foot. Your body weight would be able to crush any can easily in an …

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Spiral Wine Cellars

by Al

Spiral Cellars

If, like many people, you don’t have the luxury of having a cellar in which to store your precious bottles of vintage wine, there is now a solution. Spiral Cellars can come into your home and excavate a hole directly under your floor (be it in the kitchen, lounge, garage, or any other ground floor room) in which you can store upto 1,600 bottles of wine down a spiral stairway …

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iStraw for instant clean water

by Edwin


If you’re the type who drinks water straight from the tap, perhaps picking up the iStraw would help prevent you from getting an upset tummy. This device is a lightweight polycarbonate straw that boasts its own internal filtration system. Most contaminants found in water are removed thanks to the micro-filtration process employed by the iStraw, and would be an essential item to bring along on your the next camping trip. …

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Drink up with Pac-Man and gang

by Edwin


ClubNAMCO has announced half a dozen shot glasses that feature characters from the original Pac-Man game, and they are Pac-Man, Inky, Blinky, Winky, and Clyde, and a bunch of Cherries our hero lusts after. I suppose the arrangement of these shot glasses will probably be in total disarray once you’ve knocked back your 15th shot of vodka for the night. There’ll only be 2,500 of these in the world, hence …

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Espresso Coffee Machine from Mars?

by Edwin


The Saeco Etienne Louis espresso coffee machine looks as though it was spawned from the War of the Worlds movie set, standing on three legs with a turret-like extension at the bottom that dispenses not hot plasma beams but a lovely cup of espresso to perk you up during difficult mornings. Swiss designer Carlo Borer is the mastermind behind this lovely looking express coffee machine, where both the spikes and …

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If you can’t drive your car, Lilybug can be in your back pocket

by James


Automotively speaking, that is. The idea was cooked up by William Heath in honor of his friend Lily, who died after a collision with a drunk driver. And as such, the Lilybug is a service – as much as it’s a bike. If you’re having way too much fun at a party (alcoholically speaking) and you don’t think you can drive home, giving a call Lilybug will send an intrepid …

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