Fancy a Bevy, the Beer Opening iPod Case

by Al

I don’t normally see the point of buying a tiny iPod and then sticking it in a massive case, but the bevy is different, not only does it protect your iPod Shuffle it can also open bottles of beer. Have you got an iPod Shuffle? Do you drink beer? Do you use keys? If the answer is yes to all three, then you need the Bevy. This ingenious sliver of …

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Whip up a cuppa over the Internet

by Edwin


Coffee lovers, rejoice! There is now a way for you to conjure a cup of hot joe just the way you like it via an Internet connection, courtesy of some caffeine lovers with a penchant for DIY. This unique coffee making machine is powered by the O2M8 WebBrick controller that is used for automation in houses. Guess there is nothing quite like a little bit of imagination to perk you …

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Final Fantasy gets canned

by Edwin


Fanboys, don’t worry. The title doesn’t mean that all Final Fantasy titles will be no more – it simply indicates the commemoration of 10 years since the release of Final Fantasy VII on the Sony Playstation by the release of the vitamin-packed Final Fantasy VII Potion carbonated drink. Each can will come with images of characters from the best selling game, including fan favorites Cloud and Sephiroth. There will be …

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Koolatron Coin-Op Mini Fridge

by Edwin


Tired of having your colleagues pinch your collection of drinks from the common area? The Koolatron Coin-Op Mini Fridge will definitely help. The Koolatron is quiet, reliable and cools cans to 32° below ambient room temperature. (If a room is 72°, beverages will be cooled to 40°.) The compact unit holds four cans in each of two separate dispensing sections, and two additional cans in its pre-chilling section. Tokens are …

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Light up your bottles with these

by Edwin


A bottle of booze isn’t that special (other than the sedating effect of its contents), but when you pair it up with some outrageous imagination, you will get an illuminated container filled with alcohol inside. This is made possible with a battery-operated LED that is placed within a cork that sits on top of a bottle, lighting up the beverage of you choice in the process. Nice design, but too …

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Deluxe Party Bottle Chiller

by Edwin


We looked at the LED Party Bottle Chiller yesterday, but for 15 quid more, you can actually pick up the Deluxe Party Bottle Chiller that cools down your booze in just five minutes – which is pretty darn fast by any standard if you ask me. Heck, you don’t even need to purchase any ice to get this device going – just set the number of minutes you want the …

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Suck UK Shot Gun Hip-Flask

by Edwin


I know there are times when we just get so nervous, having a shot of whiskey helps calm the nerves. The Suck UK Shot Gun Hip-Flask could help you out in this manner, measuring 130mm x 70mm x 20mm. Drinking whisky from a hip flask can damage your health – but it’s not as bad as putting a gun in your mouth when you are feeling low. Now you can …

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Legnoart Enoteca Wall Wine Rack

by Edwin


If you’re running out of space to stash your booze (either you’ve been drinking too much lately or there isn’t much room left in your cramped apartment), why not consider the Legnoart Enoteca Wall Wine Rack? This unique wall rack is made from natural bamboo (which is strong and flexible) and anodized aluminum, making it capable of holding up to ten bottles at a go. Don’t worry about having one …

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