Somersault Wine Rack

by Edwin

Drinking is a passion for many, and as for wine lovers, there must be an artistic slant to where they store their alcoholic stash. Enter the Somersault Wine Rack that stores your precious wine bottles in their own compartments while looking good at it. I wonder whether pulling out the a bottle at the wrong place would send the entire structure crashing down – now that’d be an absolute waste. …

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Garlic Vodka is one rockin’ drink

by Edwin


For those of you who think that you’ve practically tried every kind of alcoholic drink that there is under the sun, think again. Here at Coolest Gadgets, drinking is but our favorite past time, but this is the first time we’ve heard about Garlic Vodka. This unique garlic-flavored vodka is produced by the Vodochnaya Artel “YAT”, a Russian distillery. It is actually part of a new product line of strongly …

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When Wine and Technology Collide – BeWine Connected

by Al

BeWine Connected

So you’ve already got the coolest wine cellar, what you now need is some way to inventorise your ever growing collection (or depleting collection as in my case). So we have Open Cellar, the wine management software on a bottle shaped USB stick. Software that manages your wine collection perfectly and allows you to access it up even when you aren’t at home ! Open Cellar is so practical it …

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The Booze Drip

by Al

Booze Drip

This probably isn’t politically correct but funny none the less, the booze drip. Everyone knows that laughter is the best medicine, so you need to make sure you get your daily dose of fun. The best way for you to medicate yourself would have to be this Bedside Booze Drip. Designed around a Hospitals IV drip you can fill the bottle with any drink you want and have it ready …

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This fridge shares something with me: the love for beer!

by Andi

HomePub fridge closeup

What you to see here is the Asko HomePub Fridge. The name itself says a lot about it – Home Pub. Easy and suggesting one sweet thing to someone thirsty like me: cold, frothy pints. I like this fridge. I really like it. I’d go as far as to suggest it as a second fridge in the house, with a better location, i.e. the living room. Why? Well, look to …

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Anti-stress milk, from Japan of course

by Andi


Yet another strange product from Japan. This time, it’s a natural product. Milk. However, it’s not normal milk. It’s taken from cows only once a week, at the break of dawn. This way, the milk is about 4 times richer in natural melatonin than usual. Melatonin is considered to be a strong stress reliever. The fact that the milk is bottled at no more than 6 hours after the milking …

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RoFo Headgear – The Strangest Beverage Dispenser Yet

by Al

Rofo Computer Headgear

I’ve just had an email from “Mad” Randy Flann who wanted to share with us his new product RoFo Headgear, the ultimate entertainment beverage dispenser. The RoFo makes the beer belly and ladies winerack look decidedly normal.

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Snakes and Ladders Drinking Game

by Al

Snakes and Ladders

This is one version of “Snakes and Ladders” that isn’t suited for kids, along with dodging snakes and climbing ladders you’ve also got to sup the odd shot along the way. The game includes a few twists on the traditional version: Ladders that allow you to jump forward Snakes that push you back several squares Targets that force you to take a shot (like you need a reason to) or …

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