Shaken or Stirred the Gadget Way

by Al

This is a great gadget for the lazy cocktail lover, the professional Electric Martini Maker. The ultimate in convenience and class, this commercial-quality martini maker allows for effortlessly preparing a martini at home. The unit’s polished stainless-steel 20-ounce cocktail shaker features a built-in strainer, while its touchpad ensures easy operation. Simply add favorite martini ingredients using the 1-ounce shaker cap, turn the appliance on and watch the green olive light …

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Drink & Drive Game

by Edwin


We all know how much we love our booze at Coolest Gadgets – to date we have over a 100 drinking gadgets archived for your drunken pleasure. The latest among these is the Drink & Drive game that is guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours on end, but can you go the distance? Strategic driving skills are all that are required in this cool Drink & Drive Game. First, …

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Rouge 02 Stainless Steel

by Edwin


Getting your wine bottle to breathe can be quite a hassle, and with the holiday season just around the corner you can be sure that you’ll be popping more bottles open in a month than the entire year. With the Rouge O2, you can breathe life into your wine in just one minute – for real. Transform your wine by simply popping the Rouge O2 into your open bottle and …

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Mini Pub Kegerator

by Carolyn


What better way to wind down after a hard week’s worth of work than with a cold beer? As I sit here with my measly 12 oz bottle of beer, I think “what could be better than this?” It’s usually at that time I have to get up and go downstairs for another 12oz beer. But I found a product today that makes that Friday happy hour that much more …

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Beer Glove for hardcore drinkers

by Edwin


With the holiday season just around the corner, no doubt you would be downing those beers with friends and family, desperately trying to avoid old aunts who keep on badgering you about “growing up and getting a decent girl”. The Beer Glove would come handy in those situations – it keeps your hand warm without warming up your beer. This is made possible with Mica-Flex acrylic that is used in …

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The Gamerator – Getting hammered while playing Pac Man never looked so easy

by Chris

The Gamerator

Almost every geek and gaming enthusiast has always desired to have their very own arcade cabinet. Admit it, you know this to be true. However, there are several problems that generally arise which prevent you from reaching this goal: space, money and a spouse. Granted, not all spouses will be opposed to the idea, however, that usually seems to be the case. While I can’t help you with the issue …

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Wine Bottle Wine Thermometer

by Edwin


Storing your wine in just the right temperature is essential if you want to experience the full flavor of each glass, hence the need for a Wine Bottle Wine Thermometer. It comes in the form of a wine bottle (now how about that?) to help maintain the mood when you’re about to open a bottle of bubbly. It comes with 16 preset optimum wine temperatures for the most popular wines. …

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Arctic Cooler Scooper

by Al

Beer Scooper

If you’re going to host a cool barbecue you’ve got keep the beer cold, but nobody particularly likes sticking their hands in a bowl of ice which is where the Arctic Net Cooler Scoop comes to the rescue. The Arctic Net Cooler Scoop is like the super hero of parties, fighting frost bite inflicted by ice chests everywhere by doing the scooping for you. Another amputation narrowly avoided. AND it …

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