Temperature changing mug might not be useful, but is still cool

by Chris

I must be dehydrated, because I’m writing about another drinking-related gadget. This one is a bit more simplistic than the single-serve blender I spoke of earlier. Some people tend to burn their hands (or tongues) on hot coffee or hot chocolate, which is never fun. Other times you’ll leave a cup sitting around for longer than you realize, then take a swig of a disgustingly-cold drink. That’s never fun. This …

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NDrive G400 PND knows when you’ve had one too many

by Mark R

NDrive G400 PND

Every once in a while, some new gadget comes along that is so obvious that you have to wonder why someone else didn’t invent it. The NDrive G400 PND is one such device. At first, the NDrive G400 looks like any other Personal Navigation Device. It has a 3.5 inch screen that is completely touch-friendly, along with the usual application menu of a GPS. What makes the G400 stand out …

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Soda-Club DIY drinking gadget

by Edwin


If you are a huge soda lover (in more ways than one) and would like to try something ecologically friendly, the Soda-Club could be your ticket. Americans who have resolved to be more eco-friendly, or to drop a few pounds (or both!) can kill two birds with one stone with Soda-Club. This cool do-it-yourself gadget comes with reusable carbonating bottles, which you fill with good old tap water to make …

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Yuno PC Concept

by Edwin


Check out the Yuno PC concept that will definitely be a hit with caffeine addicts worldwide – this PC mug not only holds your favorite coffee beverage inside, keeping it warm while you go through essential morning alerts such as weather, time, traffic and stocks on its touch screen display. I presume that data is transferred wirelessly, but it ought to come with much more bulk considering how you have …

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[email protected]: BeerTender in your own home

by Al


Draft beer in your own home is most beer drinkers’ preferred way of having their pint (no tinny taste from the can). Krups are now about to launch in the USA the BeerTender which delivers a crisp, fresh perfectly chilled draft beer which will stay fresh for upto 30 days. The unit has been engineered to work exclusively with Heineken and Heineken Premium Light DraftKegs. The BeerTender is simple to …

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Pass the beer please

by Al

rc beer

It’s thirsty work walking around the CES 2008 show, but if you are in need of refreshment in the form of a nice cold beer (or alternatively a soft drink of course) then you could use the remote control cooler from Interactive Concept Toys. Capable of storing up to 6 drinks and also collapsible for easy transportation it would make a great present for dad! Another feature is the carrying …

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Peggy concept for a great party

by Edwin


If you have plans to host one of the hottest parties in the neighborhood, it would be nice if the Peggy concept by Chetan Sorab was actually real. Peggy is a wonderfully functional tool to help make parties the best on the block. This design is both a can opener and 30ml mixer that can open bottles of beer or mix the perfect drink for your holiday festivities. Just don’t …

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Strawz makes drinking confusing

by Edwin


Fancy sprucing up your cocktails at the upcoming party you’re hosting? Do it in style with Strawz. This ingenious DIY kit allows you to construct your own ludicrously convoluted drinking straw set-ups. Forget about puny figure-of-eights and simple loops. With Strawz you can create maze-style, multi-drink straw systems with more bends than the bendiest road in Bendyville. Thanks to 20 assorted rubber connectors and 16 transparent straw sections you’ll never …

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