Solar Powered Drinks Coaster

by Edwin

All coasters are just the same, right? I love those that feature my favorite lager, but this Solar Powered Drinks Coaster will probably usurp that preference . Placing your drinks glass or bottle onto the solar drinks coasters sets off a mesmerizing sequence of hypnotic colors, which illuminate your glass and drinks bottle and will look fantastic in your garden this summer. Eye-catching colors include red, orange, blue, green, yellow …

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Snap Capp

by Mark R

The Snap Capp is something very special, and yet is so simple. Simply put, the Snap Capp is “a plastic re-closable top designed to snap onto virtually all 12 and 16 ounce aluminum beverage cans”. I would have to say that this product is a long time coming. After all, the pop-top can, portable and convenient as it is, has a lot of limitations. As soon as the top is …

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Earth Day Gadgets: Skullcandy Hydration Backpack

by Carolyn


In my second gadget for Earth Day 2008, this gadget is one that will help your pocketbook. In this time of soaring gas prices and the desire for people to find alternative ways of getting around (biking, walking, etc.) the one need with all these alternative forms of transportation is hydration. With the latest news coming from the Nalgene/BPA controversy, people are confused as to what types of water bottles …

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ExacTap – The 3 Second Pint

by Al


I love gadgets that are for the betterment of mankind and this is certainly one of those, ExacTap, a new kind of beer disperser that can pour the perfect pint in under 3 seconds. ExacTap works with lager, cider, stout and Guinness. Though whether a pint of Guinness poured in 3 seconds tastes nicer than the more traditional 10 minute multi stage Guinness pouring ceromony is up for debate. The …

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Chill Stick Six-Pack Cooler

by Mark R

Chill Stick

Every once in a while, someone invents something that he or she can only hope will catch on. This is the case of the Chill Stick, a cooler that thinks it’s a pool-cue holder. The Chill Stick allows the user to store an entire six-pack of beer in its roll-shaped package. I’m sure the Chill Stick can store 12 ounce cans of other liquids, but I’m guessing beer will be …

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This coffee cup loves you

by Chris

Cup of love

I’m not a coffee drinker, I really can’t stand the stuff. I prefer to take my caffeine in Mountain Dew form. Frankly it tastes much better, and you don’t have to deal with those nasty coffee grinds at the bottom of the cup. Of course, that also means that I don’t ever have a reason to buy cool coffee mugs like this one.

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Trekstor holds data, opens beer bottles

by Edwin


Now this is definitely one of the more useful drinking gadgets that I’ve come across in a long time, especially when I keep myself entertained in front of the PC with some pizza and beer in hand. No longer do I need to take a walk to the kitchen to pick up a bottle opener, as this Trekstor USB flash drive will be able to do that for me. You …

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The Hold Up opens bottles

by Edwin


Forget about projecting that macho image by learning how to open bottles with your teeth, not when The Hold Up is ready and willing to do that on your behalf. Nicknamed ‘The Hold Up’ for his raised arms; the tactile and ambidextrous little chap from über-cool design studio Conka Design can open all bottle lids, even two at a time, with metal mitts that allow you to dispense refreshing drinks …

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