Leather 250GB Hip Flask USB Drive

by Edwin

I think all of us at Coolest Gadgets will certainly love this – the Leather 250GB Hip Flask USB Drive. This portable drive looks just like a pocket size flask and is wrapped with buttery 100% real leather. Connect it to your computer using USB 2.0 for transfer rates of up to 480 Mbits per second, no external power supply is needed. Built in Drop Guard protection protects your data …

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Beer Tube Siren

by Edwin

Be the life of the party with this Beer Tube Siren! It will require a quartet of AA batteries to operate, so hopefully you’re sober enough to replace them should they run out of juice in the middle of a hard night’s partying. Great for bars & restaurants – patrons can flip the switch to let your servers know they are ready for another tube. Wonderful for parties – having …

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Strobing Beer Glass

by Edwin

Unless you’re an extremely weak drinker, it will take a few glasses or pints of lager before your tongue starts to loosen and you get all happy, forgetting about the day’s woes. Instead of drinking from an ordinary glass, why not settle for the Strobing Beer Glass? The lights on the base of this plastic pint shoot upwards lighting your favorite tipple in a technicolor swirl that could send your …

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Port-O-Pong Portable Beer Pong Table

by Edwin

There’s nothing quite like having some fun and games with your mates while you’re all busy knocking a few cold ones back. After all, there is only so much gossip that floats around, you might as well get involved in some sport while you’re drinking. The Port-O-Pong makes playing beer pong possible no matter where you are. Simply inflate the table and you’re off to the races. With the Port-O-Pong, …

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Chugalug Drinks Factory

by Edwin

Forget about bottle-juggling the next time you host a party at your home. With the Chugalug Drinks Factory, making cocktails will never be the same again. Making the average glass-twirling bar monkey seem about as wacky as Tim Henman, this bizarre contraption makes creating cocktails a highly amusing experience – and we should know because we’ve made thousandsh shinsh our shamples arrived. The idea is to stick this strange, Wonka-esque …

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Star Trek Bottle Opener

by Edwin

It is good to know that just like sex, drinking is a universal value. How else do you explain the Star Trek Experience bar located at Hilton Las Vegas? Not to mention numerous drinking holes found in the Star Wars universe, but we’re here to concentrate on the former series today with a unique bottle opener. As well as its supreme practicality, the Starship Enterprise Bottle Opener serves as a …

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Golf Driver Kooler Klub Serves Up The Stealth

by AndrewD

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Not every golf player is lucky enough to join a fancy country club. The kind where chauffeurs are sent to fetch your every whim. You want a diet soda? You’ve got it! You want some hard lemonade? No problem! The vast majority of us need to play on public courses. The kind where getting to the 18th hole means dodging across the highway which intersects …

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Punch Mug For Inter-Office Rumbles

by AndrewD

There is a common misconception about corporate interaction. It’s not always “all business”. Some of the most hardcore mofos I’ve ever known were members of the corporate elite. Want to make a snide comment about their quarterly profits? How about a punch to the jaw instead, fool?! And while corporate honchos might not walk around with big metal chains and sharpened shanks as their weapon of choice, they certainly find …

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