Photo Identification Ignition Interlock device

by Edwin

Smart Start, Inc. from Irving has recently rolled out the new Photo Identification Ignition Interlock device that could potentially help save lives on the road. What does it do exactly? Well, this device uses patented technology which remembers photographs of the interlock user and associating it with an ignition interlock device. This device is smart enough to know who is actually taking the breath test, and is almost 100% foolproof …

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Guinness 250th anniversary marked at Irish pub

by Edwin

There is nothing quite like a pint of Guinness after a hard day’s labor, and it is not surprising to see that this dark beer retain its flavor a few centuries after Arthur Guinness brewed his perfect blend with little or no change over time. If you happen to love all things Guinness, take note that Neiman Marcus’ Fantasy Gifts section is offering an Irish Pub sporting Irish artifacts for …

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Beer on a Stick

by Edwin

When I first heard of Beer on a Stick, I thought it was some sort of alcohol infused ice lolly. Boy, was I wrong – this is meant to be a cup holder instead, purportedly helping keep the beer cold since your hands won’t be holding the mug. I thought that was what the mug handle was for anyways? It’s an injected-molded polystyrene 3 piece cup holder. Our intuitive design …

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Breathable Wine Glasses

by Edwin

Drinking wine can be said to be a pursuit of leisure in addition to it being an art form, and seasoned veterans will tell you that the wine is best enjoyed at the right temperature and drunk from the right glass. The Breathable Wine Glasses aim to make your life easier in this case. The Breathable Glass designers have come up with a top secret formula that not only greatly …

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Gin & Titonic Ice Tray

by Edwin

Talk about making a word play with the best grossing film of all time, Titanic. The Gin & Titonic Ice Tray will definitely bring a smile to your guests faces as they see something totally different that keeps their drinks chilled – each $7.49 purchase consists of four ocean liners and an equal number of icebergs. The only thing you’re missing is some gin, Leonardo DiCaprio and a (naked) Kate …

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Coca Cola introducing 100 flavors in one machine

by James

With fast food joints offering a limited soft drink menu of usually Coke, Diet Coke, Orange, 7up and Root Beer (or their Pepsi “equivalents”) sometimes the only way to keep drink options interesting is with the classic “suicide,” (mixing them all). Well now, Coca Cola is poised to introduce a Fountain Machine that will dispense soft drinks with up to 100 flavor combinations.

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InsideOut Glasses

by Edwin

Always wanted to take a walk on the wild side? Then the InsideOut Glasses will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Super stylish, these sleek glass cylinders contain inner chambers shaped like iconic drinking vessels. Simply pour in a drink and the familiar shape of a champagne flute, a martini glass or a liqueur glass appears. How cool is that! Handmade and mouth-blown, InsideOut Glasses are guaranteed to …

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Brütül for that perfectly separated drink

by Edwin

Folks who love a rich, creamy stout crowning their favorite lager in a pint will definitely find the Brütül device handy. It allows you to concoct such a drink right in the comfort of your own home without having to head off to the nearest pub. Brütül (brew tool) introduces the ultimate device for creating the classic Black and Tan and other delicious layered beers. We logged hundreds of hours …

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