Solar Coasters

by Edwin

If you happen to host plenty of parties over a year, then chances are most of them would be free flowing with booze to keep some guests happy. After all, what’s a party without any tongue-loosening alcohol? Coasters are an important part of any party, being a subtle advertising tool if your beer is sponsored, but if you happen to love being in the center of attention always, how about …

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Beer Chiller gives cold beer in 90 seconds

by Ally


It’s Friday yet again and for those that are still stuck at work, you’re probably dreaming of when you finally get to go home.  If in that daydream there’s a nice cold beer waiting for you, you’ll like this contraption.  Instead of jamming your beer in the freezer and risking leaving it in too long, you can have a device that safely makes it cold in no time at all.

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Knuckle Duster Corkscrew

by Edwin


Love holding parties for family and friends? If you’re ever the perpetual entertainer for your family and inner circle, chances are you’re always thinking of new ways to keep them entertained whenever they drop by. Well, nothing does it better to enhance banter with a few good drinks and some choice wines, so why not make the Knuckle Duster Corkscrew another conversation starter in your home? The Knuckle Duster Corkscrew …

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Loaded Dice

by Edwin


Like drinking games? How about the Loaded Dice? As with any good and self-respecting drinking game, this one is extremely easy to learn – all you need to do is fill the shot glass and slam it down, performing whatever you need to do according to the throw of the dice. The more intoxicated you get, the less inhibitions you have to perform according to the instructions given! This will …

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Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener

by Edwin


We’ve seen our fair bit of bottle openers in the past, but this time round ThinkGeek appeals to the Trekkie in you by offering the delectable Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener. Modeled after the Enterprise (NCC-1701), it is missing the main portion of the bridge so that there is enough room to create pressure when it comes to cracking open the finest ales and beers in the galaxy. Fully decked …

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Be Open Beer and Soda Bottle Opener

by Edwin


Having a bottle opener handy is essential this summer as you pop open a whole crate of bottles in the summer sun. Well, opening bottles might be simple to the sober person, but once you’ve gone through an entire crate by yourself, things could get rather tricky after that. Enter the cue for the Be Open Beer and Soda Bottle Opener that makes popping open a bottle a snap, where …

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ShotCarver transforms fruit into shot glasses

by Edwin

The next time you host a party and want to be the talk of town, how about purchasing a few of these ShotCarvers in advance? After all, they’re able to offer something most people would never have expected – shot glasses made out of fruit itself. All you need to do is insert the device into an apple, pear or other fruit, twist and remove – voila! You’ll have removed …

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