Shot Gun for some pump-action glugging

by Edwin

Are you an avid sports fan? If so, chances are you would have stocked up your favorite beverage of choice (preferably something laced with alcohol) over the season to make sure that you drink by celebrating each victory, while drowning your sorrows with each defeat. Either way, you still get your alcohol fix, but do make sure you are in a safe environment without going overboard when doing so. For …

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Ice Jacket ensures extremely cold drinks all the time

by Edwin

While we don’t have the technology to tote around a portable fridge wherever we go with minimal fuss, there is always an alternative in the form of the Ice Jacket. Meant to chill your favorite bottle of poison to perfection, it does so by encasing your bottle of spirit or other liquor in a dramatic layer of ice, making sure its contents are always served chill. This is a unique, …

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Pocket Rouge O2 Electronic Wine Breather

by Edwin

We’ve seen the Rouge O2 Electronic Wine Breather in the past, and here’s a more portable version of it, aptly named Pocket Rouge O2 Electronic Wine Breather. Retailing for £24.99 a pop, this device will fit into your pocket easily being roughly the same size as a chunky pen, where you can pop it into your wine glass after pouring some fine wine into it, press the button and leave …

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Romulan Corkscrew

by Edwin

Who says you cannot be a bad guy and yet have fun? The Romulan Corkscrew is evidence of that, as you down bottle after bottle of Romulan ale, using this lovely chrome and steel corkscrew which is shaped after a Romulan Raptop starship. Bear in mind that this is a ThinkGeek exclusive and is also officially licensed, so you can be sure that no Trekkie is going to pooh-pooh you …

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Keg Stool Kit

by Edwin

So you run a pub, or at least a place where friends can hang out to have a jolly good time. Instead of taking up space in your establishment to store empty kegs of beer, why not use it in a creative manner with the Keg Stool Kit? This unique converter kit will be able to convert your keg shell into a beer barstool. Taking just minutes to assemble, it …

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Brain Freeze Ice Tray

by Edwin

Now here’s a literal interpretation of brain freeze whenever you are thirsting for an ice cold drink – thanks to the Brain Freeze Ice Tray which will come up with ice cubes that are in the shape of – yup, you’ve guessed it right, a human brain! This humorous addition to your kitchen would definitely be enough to get conversations going, and is a surefire winner for an icebreaker during …

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BreathKey Breathalyzer

by Ally

Instead of winging it every single time you go out drinking, now you can know for sure whether or not you’re safe to drive.  This tiny gadget will accurately test your blood alcohol level, so you always know exactly where you stand.  It’s only the size of a keychain, so it’d be easy to carry it around with you.  It also would be a great gadget to have around if …

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Bar Craft Wine Thermometer

by Edwin

Wines are extremely delicate drinks, and they ought to be stored at the perfect temperature if they were to retain their exquisite taste. Well, the Bar Craft Wine Thermometer certainly helps your cause if you have no clue as to what the mercury level is at at the moment – this device will position itself like a facehugger on your wine bottle’s neck similar to a cork or bung, helping …

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