Etiquette Checker – Tells you the Cold Hard Truth

by Julie

Gone are the days when I was out on the prowl, No more late night dance clubs, rock concerts or keg stands, I’m finally settled down and bored as… I mean, sooo loving my life. But that doesnt mean I cant enjoy finding some gadgets that might have been quite useful back in the day.

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Coolest Gadgets Goes Tailgating

by Alison

Football season is here! College kicked off, NFL follows suit this week. And you need to ensure that you are properly prepared for tailgating. So whether in the stadium parking lot  or in your own driveway get your gadget on with these football must haves. You Grill, iGrill®, We All Grill You are dubbed the grill master at this week’s game. Bummer, now you must remain near the grill, keeping …

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Earn that Bottle of Wine!

by Alison

Wine accessories never cease to amaze me. There always seems to be another one popping up, making perfect gifts or hosting items. There are devices to aerate and to help pour. There are glasses to make it taste better or with easier grip. There are an abundance of items to cork or decorate your bottle too. Tougher to find is an item that challenges a wine drinkers mind. If you …

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Dorm Room Devices

by Alison

No dorm room is complete without these unique additions.

Be On Time, If You Think Fast

Quick! What is 198/66? It’s time for your next class! Distance to the center of the Milky Way (in kpc)? Time to go out! The Pop Quiz Clock will make you and your dormmates double take – and think – when telling time. This 11.5” diameter wall clock is available in both math and science versions for just $26.99 at With a chalkboard feel and painted equations fits into any quirky environment. So keep yourself sharp, and on time.



Keep a Case (and More) Cool

Dorm room fridges inevitably store more than just canned beverages. You’ve got leftovers, milk, water, science projects. Cans however deserve their own space. A good college student always has chilled cans of their favorite drink on the ready. The $139.99 Koolatron 28-can Capacity Fridge, available on Amazon, can keep you chillin’. This lightweight, Coca-Cola themed device conveniently fits on a counter or on the floor. Thermoelectric cooling means no noisy compressor. And with a separate adaptor it can even go in the car. Shelves are removable should the need exist. And an LED readout with front panel controls mean your bevies will always be the temperature you want.


Let’s Whiteboard It 

College becomes the land of roommate communication, group projects and creative artwork. So dorm room should be complete without a whiteboard. Whether small, for leaving messages, or floor-to-ceiling to plan your future multi-million dollar startup a reusable surface is convenient. WhiteyBoard prepares you for whatever your need is with a variety of stick-on whiteboards. Their unique whiteboard sticker means you can apply it anywhere! Walls, doors, floors, ceilings, you name it and WhiteyBoard – founded by guys when they were in college – is there. Small WhiteyBoards start at $9.99 and run over $100, depending on size. So visit WhiteyBoard and find the perfect fit for your room. Don’t want to stick? No problem. Dry Erase paint is also available so you can turn the entire wall into your canvas.

There’s a Bear in My Drink

by Alison

The task of entertaining children never ends. But even the smallest things can make a difference. Did you ever expect that ice cubes could be entertaining? Gummy bears are one of the most familiar figurines in the food world. And now you can use that famous shape to freeze just about any liquid with the Gummy Bear Ice Cube Tray featured at Think Geek for just $9.99. This silicon tray …

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Remote Controlled Armored Drink Carrier

by Edwin

Summer is in full swing for those of us who live in temperate countries, and it makes perfect sense for you to enjoy your favorite drinks to cool you down in the sweltering heat. Ice cold drinks, to be more exact. While some of us are lucky enough to be able to have the kind of fortune which enables us to employ a butler, here we are with the $99.95 …

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Hangover Heaven, Las Vegas – For When you Feel Like Hell

by Julie

Sure, we’ve all been there. Maybe its the weekend, you get together with some friends, and “just one more”, turns into one too many, and after a night of trying to sleep with one foot on the floor to stop the darn bed from spinning, you wake up with the worst skull splitting headache, with little sweaters on your teeth and an overall tired-to-the-bone, sick all over feeling that just …

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Perfectly Chilled Glass of Wine Anyone?

by Alison

The dog days of summer are here. The heat is not going away soon. It does not matter where you are – beach, back yard, ballpark – they are all HOT.  Many times the heat of the day…or night…call for a perfectly chilled glass of your favorite white or red wine. But a couple degrees can ruin a good bottle. Don’t risk the frustration of having a great bottle floating …

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