Still or Fizzy?

by Alison

Do you remember the first fridge you saw that had water & ice dispensers built in? Ooooh, aahhh. Yet we all probably had a grumpy Uncle who grumbled about how lazy people were getting because we couldn’t go to the sink and get a glass of water. But face it. This fridge invention is now a staple and it pays off. Filtered, chilled water when you need it and ice …

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Bottle Opening Money Clip

by Edwin

Show me the money! Whenever you go out drinking with your buddies, especially those whom you have not met for many, many years already, it is time to give the missus a call that you will be home extremely late – and definitely not sober, as you and your mates take turns to buy round after round of drinks for one another. Assuming you prefer to carry your money around …

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Liven Up Your Coffee Time

by Alison

Ever have one of those conference calls that drags on…and on…and on? You sit listlessly listening to others drone on about a topic that does not involve you. Those are great. Or maybe you have the 7am meetings when your eyes are barely awake. Coffee is a must.  If only you had something to play with to kill the time maybe the meeting would go faster.

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Ice cubes get smart

by Edwin

There is nothing quite like having a nice drink at the end of the day with good company, but if you happen to lack some self-control, the conversation at your table would get boisterous and some might even say, nonsensical along the way. Well, if you are one who drives home alone, it would be better if you had brought along a designated driver as it would be far too …

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All Your Bartending Tools in One

by Alison

  During busy times of entertaining friends and family we all become master bartenders. No one ever seems to want the same drink, so you become a mixologist. You get lemons, limes, oranges, spices and herbs involved. The bar resembles a hoarders home. And you need more tools in the arsenal to make the perfect drinks.

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A Friend for Any Beer Fan

by Alison

Have you ever been into a bar where the bartender is part customer server, part entertainment? You certainly remember the locations with behind-the-bar antics. Usually it involves bottles and colorful drinks, flips and turns. But what about us beer and ale drinkers in the world? How do we get entertainment? Popping a top sure seems mellow in comparison to flipping bottles.

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Gifts for Drink Aficionados

by Alison

Whether wine, beer, vodka, rum or another – you probably have a fan of the drink on your gift list. Sure it is easy to buy them their favorite ‘poison’ but how about an accessory?


Need more ideas for your gift giving this year? Visit the Coolest Gadgets Gift Picker. Tell us what they like and we’ll find the perfect gift.

Chill Out, Without Ice

by Alison

More wine talk! Wine temperatures sure make a difference, even for the uneducated drinker. If you put two glasses of Pinot Grigio in front of anyone – one room temp and one at a proper 35 degrees – guess what tastes better? Or even a nice red. Room temp is too warm. Chill just a smidge and the flavor comes out. And don’t forget the importance of chilling sparkling wines. …

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