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We seem to be finding more and more gadgets related to beer and drinking. As drinking is an activity everybody at CG seems to enjoy we thought it was only sensible to have a drinking gadgets section.


These Two-in-One Coasters prevent party fouls

by Caitlyn

Many people associate drinking bottled beverages with parties. Whatever your form of liquid courage may be, you’re going to need a way to access it. More often than not, you would expect the party host to have a bottle opener on hand. Of course, there’s always going to be at least one time where one is nowhere to be found.

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Vinnebago Cooler is one classy canteen

by Edwin

vinnebagoIt does take a fair bit to stand out from the rest of the crowd these days regardless of whichever industry that you are in, and when it comes to ensuring your drink remains nice and cold even after a while, that does take quite some doing. With the £29.99 Vinnebago Cooler, you more or less know that you have a winner here. Basically, the Vinnebago Cooler is a sophisticated alternative to other tasteless flasks, where it ensures that your drinks remain ice cold for up to 25 hours – that is more than an entire full day, now how about that?

Of course, if you are not one who likes cold drinks, but prefer that of a piping hot one, then the Vinnebago Cooler is also up to the task, although it is good to do so for up to a dozen hours, which should be more than adequate for the ordinary Joe if you were to ask me. This is made possible thanks to the revolutionary vacuum-sealed and triple-walled insulation design, which goes to show that having double-walled insulation is so passe these days. On the outside, it will have a sleek stainless steel surface complemented by a beautiful matte black finish. Not only that, it boasts of a 100% leak-proof lid, with a wide opening for easy decanting.

Beer Foamer makes your drink look more professionally drawn

by Edwin

beer-foamerAt the end of a particularly difficult day at the office or work, you would want nothing better than to kick back your feet and enjoy a nice, ice cold beer that is drawn just the way you like it – with the right amount of foam at the top. However, if you so happen to have invited some friends over to your place and are going to have a smashing good time knocking back a few pints, why not make things look all the more professional with the £35.99 Beer Foamer?

The Beer Foamer works as its name describes it – it will not only enhance the look, texture and natural aroma of your beer, it will allow the drinker to savor the full beer experience as though it is fresh right from the tap. The Beer Foamer was designed after being inspired by traditional copper boiling chambers, and no longer do you and your guests have to settle mediocre froth at home, as you get to enjoy a smooth and creamy head. All that you need to do is to pour a fraction of your beer into the base container, before emptying the rest of it into your drinking glass. Once done, place the beautiful brewery-style chamber on top and press the button to get the internal whisk going. It takes mere moments for a dense, rich and velvety foam to develop. Definitely one of the cooler beer gadgets out there!

Covert Aeronautical Cocktail Shaker delivers a stirring design

by Edwin

covert-aeronautical-shakerSome people are able to cook up a storm in the kitchen, while others do have the ability to make a mean cocktail, getting all of the ingredients just right, achieving the careful balance of taste and perfection. Well, while there has been special designs involved for other cocktail shakers such as the Bullet cocktail shaker, here is the $99.95 Covert Aeronautical Cocktail Shaker that will actually make you take a second look.

For those who have an interest in history, surely the Covert Aeronautical Cocktail Shaker might make you think of the curious looking covert cocktail shakers that were developed during prohibition, this is an Art-Deco airplane shaker which will be able to serve up chilled libations in a jiffy. The fuselage-shaped shaker will rest horizontally on the winged stand alongside a couple of propellers, making it look more like an executive’s desk ornament than anything else. Even the propellers can be rotated for that additional touch of disguise, so to speak, and when you want to make your own mix, the fuselage will first need to be removed from the stand, where its rounded Art Deco lid will open up so that you can add in more ice, alongside the different poisons of your choice.

Power-Up Heart Pint Glass 4-Pack lets the world know you need a refill

by Edwin

power-up-pint-glassWhen it comes to kicking your feet back and winding down after a particularly difficult day at the office, what better way is there than to hold your favorite brew in your hand? Drinking beer from an ice cold pint glass is one of the best experiences ever in life, so why not make sure you go all out with the $19.99 Power-Up Heart Pint Glass 4-Pack? As the name of this pint glass pack conveys, it will arrive in a package of four drinking glasses, and all of them will be able to let you know how much “power” you have left – ala video game style, pixelized hearts and all.

The hearts will remain empty when the glass is empty – however, when you fill them up with beverages (beer or some ale preferably), then you will find that this ThinkGeek creation and exclusive will see its three 8-bit hearts located on the side change color to a deep red, according to the level of the drink poured inside. Fill it up to the brim, and you’re maxed out where your life is concerned. It is definitely a novel way to inform the bartender to “fill ‘er up” as you paint the town red.

Box Wine Dispenser helps you maximize every single drop

by Edwin

box-wine-dispenserWhen it comes to drinking wine, this can be a very subjective experience. There are some folks out there who strongly subscribe to the belief that since it is them, and not you, who forked out the money to drink that particular bottle of wine, how they drink it, as well as the kind of instrument that they use, is none of your business, never mind the fact that it would be a sacrilegious idea in the first place. Ah well, you can leave those to their own devices, as for those who prefer to enjoy their wine the right way, especially boxed wines, you might want to consider getting the $100 Box Wine Dispenser.

This is a wine dispenser that is different from the rest in the market, where it basically enables you to squeeze every single last drop out of the economical and environmentally friendly boxed wines, and yet comes in a functional and stylish countertop form factor. All that you need to do to get started is to place the inner bag of any standard 3 liter boxed wine in the dispenser, and you get to enjoy a personal “wine bar” which ensures your vintage remains fresh for up to six weeks, as it further enhances the function of the wine bag’s design. The dispenser itself will apply upward internal pressure in order to serve the wine above your glass, instead of from the counter edge which is the way standard issue gravity-fed wine in the box works. This ensures there is no fumbling involved as you no longer need to tip the box or squeeze the bag.

French Cuff Bottle Openers helps executives quench their thirst in a jiffy

by Edwin

cufflinks-openerSo you have been working hard the whole day long, and cannot wait for the clock to strike five so that you can take off from the office and head to your favorite watering hole to spend some much needed time, unwinding with the rest of your colleagues and bar friends. If it is happy hour, so much the better for your wallet, although the bartender might be a wee bit too busy serving all of the customers at once when it is packed. Fret not – the next time a bucket of beer bottles head your way, just wave away the server so that other customers can be served faster. You do not even need to borrow a bottle opener, not when you have the $49.95 French Cuff Bottle Openers in your possession.

These cufflinks will be able to open up bottles as easily as they secure French button cuffs, and it does make me wonder just which of the two are they better at. Not only are they suitable for boardroom negotiations, they also do well when it comes to having off-the-cuff drinks with coworkers. The cufflinks themselves are made from polished stainless-steel, where they sport rigid teeth that will be able to quickly lift the cap from a bottle-conditioned Imperial Pale Ale. Perfect for the gentleman who believes form should always follow function, it is also the ideal conversation starter – especially with your new colleagues. Road warriors might want to check out the Wi-Fi cufflinks, too.

Dubstein helps bring beer and music together

by Edwin

dubsteinI do wonder whether the celebrations in Germany has ceased, especially after the country picked up the World Cup slightly more than 24 hours ago. Surely the carnival-like feeling in Brazil is far from over, although tourists there over the summer must be making their way back to their respective countries already. If there is one thing in life that will make it a whole lot more bearable, you can be sure that beer is the answer. Of course, other folks will not agree with this particular statement, and would prefer to mention that music is the answer. I say why not include both as part of the equation? This particular Kickstarter project called Dubstein certainly falls within such expectations.

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