PC Case made from Lego bricks

by Edwin

How many of you actually have PC cases made out of anything other than the normal metal or aluminum bits and pieces? Probably only a very, very small percentage do, as the amount of time, effort, and money required to construct a custom case is monumental to say the least. One must have the passion in order to cook up an interesting-looking, fully functional PC case from everyday objects that …

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Make Your Own Cardboard Robot

by Al


One of the perks of running CG is we often get sent gadgets to review, most of the time we’ll give them out to the community as prizes (we currently have a $1,000 competition running and since the start of that competition we’ve received another $1,500 worth of prizes for the next one :)). This next bribe, freebie review piece is one we’ll be keeping as we had to make …

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