Hydrodynamic Building Kit

by Al

The sound of running water can be really relaxing, but the waterfall ornaments that you get at the local garden centre aren’t exactly gadgety or blessed with nerd appeal. So what we need is a DIY hydrodynamic building kit and look what we have here… The hydrodynamic building set is like a 3D Scalectrix for water. Connect the tubes, girders, tanks, valves and pump to create your own futuristic water …

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Don’t like the Camcorders on the Market? Make your Own!

by James

DIY Camcorder

When Dan Vance was making his 90 minute sci-fi feature “The Shivering Earth,” he couldn’t afford to use film or rent high def video cameras, he wasn’t satisfied with the quality of camcorders on the consumer market, and he couldn’t wait for the Red One to be made available for the masses. So he did what any red blooded, enterprising film director would do … he designed and built his …

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3D Printing on the horizon

by James


Imagine it. Your baby daughter innocently breaks a piece off your son’s model airplane causing sibling rivalry to flare out of control. No problem, go online to the Revel website, pay .99 for the replacement, download the 3D file and hit print. In less time than it takes to drink a cup of java, you have a replacement part ready to reinstall, and his plane “flies” again.

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Finally, good cheap robot brains for sale QWERK

by Fred

qwerk cpu unit

Sure, you want to make an affordable robotic/networked/embedded linux/mechatronix platform. But, then you say to yourself,, “Self,, where would I find such a thing?” Charmed Labs is where, and QWERK is what you’re looking for. Their friends at the Carnegie-Mellon Robotics Institute have developed the TeRK Telepresence Robot Kit it uses theQwerk base units to operate. They’ve got a great page that has robots you can make, tells you what …

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More free Star Wars paper models

by Al

Star Wars Pepakura

Nick did a very cool post about where you could download free DIY paper plans for various Star Wars ships, I’ve just had an email from Robert of Smidigt to share with us that there are also plans for the various characters, they’ve got Stormtroopers, Boba Fett and of course Vadar himself.

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Make Your Own Kissy Fridge Magnets

by Al

Kiss Magnets

Pass me the sick bucket, this has got to be the soppiest DIY project yet, the everlasting kisses kit. This craft kit lets you make fridge magnets that are an exact replica of your pouting lips, I suppose it does mean you can smother your beer fridge with the kisses it probably deserves. You can get you own everlasting kisses kit from Boutique to You, sick bag not included.

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Cardboard Finger Tapping

by Al


The site I found this next DIY gadget on has my name written all over it, the perpetual kid and it’s DIY finger tapping kit. For $7.99 you get a pre-cut and pre-creased hit that lets you make your own thing like hand, twist the arm at the side and watch it’s fingers do the walking (well tapping).

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Fold your own furniture

by Al


If you’ve ever fancied making your kids their own designer furniture now you can and what’s better is it’s completely free (and a great excuse to buy a new plasma purely for the box). The furniture has been designed by some Swiss architect known as Nicola Enrico Stäubli. There are three differenet pieces to make: Stool Chair Rocker Each piece looks pretty sturdy and should take anything from 3.5 hours …

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