Icontech unveils Electric Inflatable Watercraft

by Edwin

Summer is the perfect time to engage in outdoor activity, enabling you to witness the full glory of the sun. What better way than to spend it around nature? Some people might prefer to head for the hills (in a positive manner, of course) while others prefer to spend a quiet day by the lake, waiting for the fish to bite. For those who love to engage in water activities, …

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New Hack weds the XBox 360 and a Wii Remote Controller

by James


Taking Halo or Call to Duty to a whole new level, Hackers have created an Wii IR Remote sensor and driver to port the trademarked remote setup to the Xbox 360. This latest hack turns the epic video game and console into a full fledged killing simulator. Course, that’s not all the Xbox is good for. There’s sports games like Madden NFL, MLB Baseball or Tiger Woods Golf, there’s even …

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NES controller now controls cursor

by Edwin


What a change for the once-mighty NES controller, where it used to control Mario and Samus who saved their respective worlds, all the controller does now is control the cursor on your computer display (not to mention accelerating your path towards RSI due to its obviously unergonomic nature). This DIY project replaces the innards of a NES controller with that of an optical mouse, so you’ll have to invest a …

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Super Mario Subwoofer

by Edwin


Man, Michael Karpinski must be having some of those mushrooms that Mario thrives on when he created this Super Mario Subwoofer from scratch. Michael has taken the trouble to match the classic “question mark” brick from the Super Mario series of games, complete with a tiny stuffed Yoshi to complete the look. Whenever the volume gets cranked up, you can expect little Yoshi to experience a strange reverberation he never …

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Space Invaders used to tell time

by Edwin


Electronics enthusiast Jason Hickner has gone retro by conjuring up this cool clock that tells the time via a game of Space Invaders. All he needed was an old Sony portable TV and a circuit that generates the video to create the game. To tell the time, each extra life shows the hours, while every alien represents one minute. For those who are too busy to count aliens at a …

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Create your own 8-bit games

by Mike

Hydra console dev kit

For you to think the Hydra Console Game Dev Kit is incredibly awesome (which it is), you have to be real geek. The reason I say you need to be a geek is because this dev kit lets you create your very own 8-Bit video games, and by create I don’t mean make a little hello word program that flashes different colors, you do all sorts of programming stuff.

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DH1 Disaster House is a puzzling, yet pricey, alternative to homelessness

by James

DH1 Disaster House

Developed by California architect Gregg Fleishman comes the DH1 Disaster House, a shed that can be put up in an afternoon. It’s a deceptively simple idea. Create a house that one doesn’t need a single nail to build. That’s because the home was designed with tabs that make it more a 3D puzzle to put together. Initially designed to aid hurricane victims who have lost their homes, this alternative is …

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Solar Powered Wind Turbine (kit)

by Al

Sole Turbine

Being eco friendly is the cool thing to do, so to show off your greenness why not build a wind turbine for your office, with the solar powered wind turbine kit. As you don’t normally get much wind in an office (depending on who you’re sat next to), the turbines are powered by the power of the sun (or that florescent strip above), so it might not be saving any …

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